Plate Collections

I have an obsession with old plates. And I love plate collections. Not any old plates, but particular plates. Bright plates, plates with a splash of colour…. When we lived in Toronto I put some of my plates on my kitchen wall so I could admire them daily! I have been noticing a surge (aka a trend) in plate collections on walls. Thought I would share some of the collections I have spotted of late.

Spotted here.

Blue plates! Spotted here.

Mixture. Spotted here.

I don’t think I need to say it but I will anyways. Displaying plates like this is a great way to showcase either your vintage pieces that you have collected yourself or maybe items that you were given or inherited. Instead of the plates sitting in a dusty cupboard somewhere why not get them out and show ’em off? Your Grandmother would approve I’m sure!

Usually white plates is a completely different tactic but works in this room. Spotted here.

Lovely. Spotted here.

Memories and gold all tied up together! Spotted here.

Kitchen plates. Spotted here.

Matchy Match DIY plate project spotted here.

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