Perfect Outfit For Having A Cold

Whine whine whine…blah blah blah – I have a cold… When I have a cold I try to troop on and just get on with my day but business continuity experts of the world would likely recommend that I just stay home. I am not good at staying home. I have important meetings to go to, things to do, don’t want to fall behind blah blah blah. Not good I know. Anyways, I was sitting in bed and didn’t feel like writing a decor blog post so I created an outfit that I wished I was wearing because I have a cold (lame huh?). Created with Polyvore! This is my Perfect Outfit For Having A Cold!

How the Row House Nest stays fashionable while feeling sick as a dog.

Perfect Outfit For Having A ColdSo this is my Perfect Outfit For Having A Cold – what do you wear when you are sick? Trackpants? Scarves? Hats? Is that just me?


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  • That IS the perfect outfit to wear with a cold! A red nose would be the perfect accessory. Feel better!

  • What a fabulous outfit. I love the hat and sweater! Feel better 🙂

  • So cozy! The thing I hate is getting a cold in Dubai when it’s 34C! What’s up with that? It’s finally nearing the end. Get well soon!