Paws Make The Home

For me anyways. Maybe not you, but definitely me. I have been pondering the possibility of getting my OWN dog sometime in the next year. Yup – I always say “My dog” but when I say “My dog” what I really mean is my family dog or sometimes Mojo, who wasn’t really mine at all. She was sort of mine by proxy. Okay, I wished she was mine. For me, paws make the home.

Spotted here.

I have never had a dog that was rightfully 100% mine. So maybe it’s {almost} time. There so many damn cute pictures of dogs in houses online… I could search and giggle at pictures for hours. How ridiculous is that? Dogs in Houses – my favourite. Truly making a home, a home.

Boston Terrier loving his burnt orange couch. Spotted here.

So they can watch you cook! And make sure you don’t drop anything, of course. Spotted here.

Triplets. Spotted here.

Happy dog in an orderly home. Spotted here.

Quirky dogs, quirky house. Spotted here.

I love how serious this puppy is waiting for a hair cut. Genius. Spotted here.

Socialite. Spotted here.

This kitchen is dope. And that dog is magic – I’m sure of it. Spotted here.

Beautiful floors huh? So much so the dog wants to sleep on them! I get it. Spotted here.

I love this half door to keep the muddy dogs separate from the house. Spotted here.

Look at those eyes!!! Spotted here.

And not the best picture in the world but come on, she is sitting on a chair!

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  • I miss our furry baby! She was my shadow and definitely owned the living room. Sometimes I think she had an identity problem – she preferred to sprawl out like a cat along the back of the sofa. Loved everything about having her, except for late night pee in the winter time!