Passive Holiday Decor

How inspiring is that title? “Passive”. Not a word generally used in conjunction with someone who should likely be trying to hype up their home over the holidays. I have long missed the ‘holiday home tour’ boat – so I don’t think there is any point in pretending I decorated weeks ago with any sort of real ‘theme’. Maybe it’s a minimalist, natural Christmas approach. That sounds MUCH nicer.

diy forged wreath Row House Nest

Much like most of the decorating in these parts, it is a mish mash of things I generally just like (beyond the tree, everything else could just stay) and things that were easy and accessible. I tried something new this year, I made my own real tree garland for over the large living room window. It looks beautiful but it is drying out at a rapid rate. Duh. Why didn’t I think about that?


I also made my own wreath, swag for doors and popped a few miscellaneous pieces in jars. Wam bam, done. I do feel sort of guilty for not putting more effort into the tree… I just don’t care that much at this exact moment. I love the tree as is – tall, smells beautiful.. The ornaments are just nice touches in my mind.


This is mid assembling of the garland and other things. The bucket? Warm water for the branches as it helps make them more flexible. I foraged all the materials from a field beside my dad’s house in the Caledon area

DIY holiday swag

I bundled smaller pieces of greenery together to make my own swag. This one got white ribbon and a ‘snowed’ pinecone – looks cute against the stark black door

Row House Nest swag

I popped some of the left over greenery over this cool old windchime that I found at Goodwill. Thought the brass looked nice with the green and touches of red.


This is a horrible picture. I know.  But attempting to ‘capture’ the kitchen just wasn’t happening. Ikea star.. Swag on awkward area between door and doorway and table setting.

Row House Nest holiday table

coffee table Row House Nest

vintage Christmas bulbs via Row House Nest

Row House Nest holiday touches

 And lastly, a close up of a wee gem….

vintage santa via Row House Nest

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