Part 1. Outdoor Spaces FEVER!

Friday, April 1, 2011 0 Permalink 0

It all has to start with some inspiration… So here is the idea… Since EVERYONE, no matter where in the world they are, is thinking about their outdoor spaces, we wanted to write about it {this may be a slight exaggeration!)

Really more and more, we see our outdoor spaces as an extension of our homes. A place to relax, socialize, play, read, work, and cook! So we have decided to do a series on Outdoor Spaces. We will do different features, starting with this one: Inspirations. It all has to start with ideas – then you can shape where you want to head from there. So alas, the inspirations we spotted and liked:

Lonny magazine via here. Warning, you will see a theme here. We adore Lonny. A lot.

Lonny magazine via here. Would you believe that my sister actually has a vine covered area in her backyard? Sweet huh? Loved these yellow chairs – these simple folding chairs can be found all over, when we saw this picture we instantly thought about how easy it would be to grab some and paint them!

Okay so this picture from Canadian House & Home does not really fit – but we included it for its demonstration of how nice big terracotta pots can look amongst other flowers!

Baby not included! Design*Sponge has some great more practical looking patios via here. **We must admit something, we aren’t really into futuristic looking patio furniture or styles – we like earthy practical looks, for God sakes, the stuff will be sitting out in the elements**

Another example of a very real patio to me, via Design*Sponge here.

What an awesome little urban space huh? Design*Sponge Gods at it again via here.

This quaint French space was found on French By Design.

Another great find at French by Design – although we know it may be difficult to replicate an intricate Moroccan tiled floor like that, we see this as a starting point for IDEAS :) – imagine cool Moroccan tile coasters, bright pillows, lots of leafy plants – you get the idea!

Love this idea for creating privacy on a patio or verandah (works well for city streets and apartment buildings) via Life on a Balcony.

No post would be complete without a little budget friendly Ikea (via here)! Here is a vast selection of what Ikea has on offer this summer – don’t adore the overall look but there are pieces that are nice, like the colourful pots, tables and lights!

Some more user friendly Ikea outdoor looks:

Yes yes we realize this is indoors but couldn’t you easily image this outdoors on your stoop? We could.. Found via decor8 but from the three potato four shop.

This is Lisa’s garden patio, she was featured on Apartment Therapy recently – not overly decorated but oh so real – so it made our adore list!

Lonny Magazine here.

Maybe we just liked the elephant, OK? Lonny again via here!

So that should get ya thinking! Get on it :) We will return with more specific how to guides, ideas, furniture, snags etc. Enjoy