Parred Down. A Little Too Much.

Like many of my blog posts, this one may seem a little tangential {sorry friends} but I am very curious to know if other’s have ever experienced this same phenomena. Admittedly, this may turn a little psychoanalytical as well. It’s me. So that’s just what I am going to do. Growing up in my home was an interesting thing. The focus was on experiences, being a good person, reading, eating food made from scratch  (I lived in that home where there was NEVER quick and easy junk food around) and generally, being busy. I had part-time jobs in high school to get to, I loved snowboarding and was active on school based committees in my later teenage years. I didn’t have the home where things were picture perfect, there were never hot cookies coming out of the oven as my friends and I walked through the door. I really don’t care about those things to be honest. I have something I have to admit, I have parred down. A little (way) too much.

Row House Nest dining tableI loved the light coming on this day – it was around 10am or so. I was working from home that day. So perfect.

So why am I telling you this? I grew up in a messy but loving home. It was more important for my mom to make us a really delicious meal from scratch (that we usually ate together if we could) than for our kitchen counter to be clean. As I turned into a young adult, my mom would come over to my various ‘homes’ (university etc.) and be like “What!?! This isn’t you! You use to be so messy”. And I think that is true. I have incredible pack rat tendencies. It’s in my genes. My paternal grandmothers house was a haven of organized everything. Like everything. She was from an era that everything could be re-used. Reinvented. Painted. Salvaged because, well just because it could be. Although I do still have ‘stuff’ I have somehow gone the other way. I have banished, donated, purged or tossed out so much of my ‘decor’ in the last 5 years. Not the big stuff. Not the things I inherited. But the little things – like coffee table knick knacks. I got into this incredible habit of going through my stuff OFTEN and purging. Space and the desire to just not be a pack rat made me do it. But I went too far.

Nan from Row House Nest

 Nan digging our new sofa (more to come on that)

I am prepping and primping my living room, getting it ready to be photographed {I CANNOT WAIT!!!!} and you know what’s left to do? The home accessories. The little things. The little bits of us. And well… I have done such a good job parring down my possessions, we have no housewares or little things to create beautiful vignettes. No dust collectors. I am not joking, I went out yesterday on my lunch hour looking for more ‘finishing touches’. Our living room is beautiful and coming together but it is seriously lacking in the little things. LIKE, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

I have some theories.

(1) It has to do with my childhood. I don’t want counters filled with ‘things’. I have repressed memories of ‘cleaning’ up the counter as a chore…. (I didn’t even have to dig deep into the subconscious for that one)

(2) I have done an excellent job at only holding onto meaningful things that I love (own less, love more theory). I refuse to buy ‘junk’ just because. I would rather buy 1 thing that I really love that was made by a local artisan than 20 things made with cheap products in a factory in China (no offense)

(3) I have become obsessed with purging to the point of getting rid of almost all of my stuff (very dangerous)

(4) Budget. I have a hard time saying “Oh, go ahead and spend X dollars on that little unnecessary dust collector”.

(5) I have become ultra picky. I rarely just buy things now. Unless they are second hand and under $10. Then I will buy them. Otherwise, I think “NOPE! Not worth it”. Which is true. But now I have no stuff.

So that’s my story. Can you relate? Not at all? Gotta go, busy looking up ‘vignettes’ on Pinterest.


Nan posing with my forged garland materials (seen above in image of my living room window)


I have tricked the cat into liking this hilarious peace symbol hippy fest pillow I bought at Value Village. I put it in front of a heating vent. Boom. Meagan -1, Cat – 0.

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  • When we sold our house in April 2013 we got rid of SO MUCH STUFF that at first I felt like our apartment didn’t have anything of “us” in it. I’ve spent the last 1.5 years slowly re-accumulating stuff and now I’m itching to get rid of things again. I think I like the idea of streamlined decor, but I’ve never in my whole life had it that I tend to freak out.

    • Ah! You are a lady of my heart. It’s the stream lined thing that I am drawn to as well!