Para Paints Ahoy!

As with most things in my life, it is generally from one thing to the next right now. I have to be 100% honest and admit I am doing this AT THE LAST MINUTE… Up to the wire. Maybe not living as dangerously as the hardened criminals of The Wire (what up Omar Little?!?), but I am doing this at the very last minute as I haven’t had much time to myself since the Blogpodium and Para Paints contest was announced 12 days ago. I had decided not to enter but couldn’t resist the temptation of a years’ worth of Para Paint! Imagine the things I could do with that?!?!!!!

The famous Helen Frankenthaler – image by Life hosted by Google

I have a little secret to admit – it could be a deal maker or breaker…. After the upcoming sizzling Canadian summer, I’ll hopefully be in a new home! One to call my own. Yup. Fingers crossed we have a new ‘row house’ (not really, but I will pretend it is a row house) to call our own in Toronto (rent/buy, who knows!) but I guess I need to write my post like I would be staying here and painting the HECK out of it… Reality, I have a few projects between now and August planned, but really it will be September & onwards when the real painting game will begin!

A big year! 2012!!!

Calendar from Linda & Harriett

So what would I do in the time being?

Paint this vintage mirror – it is painted stark white but has been banged-up over the years.


Next on the update chopping block – this desk. It is currently white. Between being used and my insane coffee consumption, white was the worst choice.


More “before” desk


Next: I hate the colour of my room. It is an odd shade of yellow. It needs to go… Immediately.


More highlighting of the hideous yellow – as well as the trim of the closest that needs to go.


More highlighting of that yellow…. Grrr….


I included this just because.




Remember this chair in one of my schools? I posted it on Instagram. I would love for them to ‘gift’ it to me so I could bring it home. I would love to stain it or maybe paint it…


Wondering what amazing colours I am hoping to utilize if I was invited to become part of Para’s Blog Crew?

I snapped up some paint ‘chips’ at a local hardware store yesterday and found these colour combinations to be my favourite – I would love to stick to this core group – applying some in very small details and others in a ‘in your face’ sort of way (think walls, furniture).


These colours were inspired by a public building in my neighbourhood that recently gave it a new lease on life and painted it’s exterior:


I love the use of a dividing stripe of navy in the center – with white and the bright blue. Also look how the dark wood beams look beside these colours… awesome!


 I have a few pieces of wood furniture that are stained dark – and these colours compliment the dark wood (clearly) in this picture…

Essentially it will be magical. I promise. That’s all for tonight – going to go watch some fireworks! YEAH!

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Good luck Meagan! It would be awesome to see you on the Para Paints stage 🙂

  • Krista @ Nook of Wellington

    Some of us do our best work under the wire! Good luck! 🙂

  • barbara @hodge:podge

    Good LUCK! Love this post! Oooh, a new place to paint. If you do end up renting, let me know what you do with it and I’ll feature it on my blog!

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