Painted Floors. It Can Be Done.

I have this Row House Nest Facebook group. Instead of my sister writing me a personal message saying the following:

Hey Best Big Sister Ever,

I was thinking of painting our attic wooden floors and was wondering if you could do a little research for me…?”

Instead, she said this on the RHN Facebook group as if she was just a random stranger *or she is trying to make me seem cooler than I am?* (PS I did that creepy artwork over her face because well it was the right thing to do:

Love the Gratz bit. So ‘stranger’ with painted floor request. I have a few things for you! Just because I am nice to people I don’t know like that…. 🙂

This image has a dual purpose, (1) to see an odd poodle lounging and (2) to check out the painted floor. Note the numbering for importance. Spotted here.

Stripes! These are so amazing. Featured in Better Homes & Garden. Spotted here.

The more neutral less offensive line of attack, white floors. Spotted here. 

A little more fun, stripes in a kid’s room. Spotted here.

I love how the paint doesn’t hide the intricate design in this interlocking floor. Spotted here.

Diamonds. Original source for image unknown.

Very cute bedroom. Fine, I’ll sleep there. Spotted here.

So are you convinced you want to paint your floors now? Well I have never done it but I found these handy tutorials, information guides etc. for you because I am nice like that.

Ready Made Magazine: How to Paint Old Wooden Floors

Apartment Therapy: How To Paint Your Floors

This Old House: Video

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