Things I Learned On My Roadtrip

Monday, October 1, 2012 1 Permalink 0

That may or may not be helpful to other people in the future. I know this post is a little late since I came home ages ago, it is just that blogging has totally taken a back seat while I learn how to raise a puppy and re-acclimatize to Toronto. I didn't think coming back to a city that I truly love would be so hard, but it has been hard. Toronto is stressful - very stressful for me. I love it but also have really been feeling the grind of the city since coming back. The traffic, the noise, all the people... The rush. It has been hitting me hard. Anyways - excuses! Here are some of my tips for roadtripping! -When packing, basically bring half of what you 'want' to bring. I really wished I had brought less stuff (camping gear, stuff I thought would make life easier on the road ...

Rush Out, Rush Back In, Rush To Bed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 4 Permalink 0

My life right now. Honestly I cannot stress enough how hard blogging has been this fall. I have a hundred things on my TO DO list for the blog and life: Edit pictures for Para Paints Blog Crew post(s)!!!! That's right, I have MULTIPLE posts I need to write... And edit. And get on in general (SORRY PARA PAINTS - massive sad face). Paint wooden desk chair white. Re-paint large white mirror. Go to Algonquin Park to see fall leaves and wildlife. Yes, I did put this on my to do list. I have always wanted to go up in the fall but have just never done it. Made a million excuses, etc. No more excuses from this lady. Go to a hot yoga class. I went in Canmore - and loved it - I need to start going weekly. Working on it. Play around with my blog template - something weird has been going on ...

Coffee Table Magic

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So when I was visiting my very good old friend in Whistler and her oh so awesome husband (Mike - hope your head doesn't fall off your shoulders!), I was asking about this awesome wood coffee table they had in their living room. Low and behold, Mike made it. MADE IT! Now he is in the 'trade' - carpentry - but still, it is one sweet table that he made from left over wood from work sites. Super impressed. I put my order in. Amazing, no? Think Mike should start making these on the side for us normal folk.

Coze. Cozy. Comfy.

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So this morning I crafted this nice little post about all sorts of super-hippy, lovey-dovey, cozy 'spaces' and images that I just loved as an "I AM BACK" post - finally! I ranted about how I had the most amazing summer being on the West Coast and how I was having a super difficult time getting back into blogging... The idea of blogging on top of organizing my life, going back to work FULL FRICKIN TIME, getting a wee pup (8 weeks today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNABUSH!!!!!) and trying to figure out my living situation - just makes me want to crumple into a heap on the ground. Hopefully I fall onto a pile of cozy blankets with a few puppies sleeping on it. That will make the fall a hell of a lot nicer. But no. I wrote the post. Found beautiful pictures. Loved it. Wrote more. Thought to myself, "That's ...

Bonjour My Little Pup

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I feel like my blog has taken a massive step in the 'all about me' route and less so the 'DIY/decor' route this past summer! And to top it all off - I adopted a new puppy. More about me, less about decor! She is amazing, fun, tiring and a lot of work. Puppy work which isn't really hard work at all. I have only known her a week but I love her. I think she is going to grow up to be a super awesome adventure side kick doggy! And don't worry - Sheamie is still here but due to several factors like her health and general laziness, Sheamie isn't a great outdoor adventure dog. So my new gal is going to be my partner in crime outdoors while Sheamie is my go-to character filled city pooch! What do I call her?!? Nan. Nanna. Nannabush. My little trickster. And obvi, sweet babe.