Manitoba And Saskatchewan

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 3 Permalink 0

Know how everyone always says the drive across the Prairies sucks? Well they are lying. I really liked this aspect of my drive. It's true the roads do straighten out, you are looking at a whole lotta fields, and it can be rather flat - but there are lots of beautiful things and scenes along the way. I saw so many things that I thought about pulling over to capture, but when you are driving 7 hours a day - you just keep pushing on. Maybe that is one reason why it's good to drive with a buddy: you can agree together to pull over and look at cool stuff. When it's just me, I tend to push harder and try not to stop. Ever. Except for gas. I made up a lot of time on the road between Thunder Bay and Calgary as I didn't stop much. I sort of forgot ...

Summer Living

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Summer's all about feeling alive - enjoying what your place of residence has to offer when it is at its very best (I define best by sun, warmth and vacations, obviously). The name of this post is actually thanks to my auto-correct. I was being a geek (super geek), and was putting the names of my blog posts into my iPhone calendar, and it auto-corrected summer loving to summer living. Funny - I had this debate with Becke from The Vintage Cabin. Why don't our iPhone's want us to LOVE? My iPhone is always changing love, loving and lovely to live, living and lively. Lively is a fun word, but whatever, it's not lovely. I love a lot of stuff. So at least ONCE a day I am fixing auto-correct's persistent jerkiness to not let me love so much. But in this one case, let's talk living. Summer living. Which I love. How amazing ...

Northern Ontario

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So I am on the road - wifi has been fairly non-existent, so this is my first real update. The North was amazing. I fell in love. I am using the iPhone Wordpress app so excuse the formatting and different image sizes! Am just on a short break in McDonald's so don't have time to give details! Xo Ps - I am loving every minute of the trip so far - fun seeing friends along the way and the scenery has been stunning!

A Road Trip. But For Real This Time

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 11 Permalink 0

I have been dropping loads of hints about my love of road trips, camping, adventures... Well, I can finally reveal that I have set off on a super free-spirited trip to the West Coast of Canada! Me, myself and I! I have wanted to get out there for ages, I have lots of dear old friends living there, and I decided this was the summer to do it. The planning took months, and didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped/anticipated. I had been viewing and researching VW Westfalias (camper vans) for months and months. After I saved my pennies, I had narrowed it down, but ultimately none of the VWs worked out. It was really sad when this one got a big F on its inspection: It was crushing. But I had to move on. Which I did. To something slightly more reliable but much more modern and macho (which I'm ...