Northern Ontario

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So I am on the road - wifi has been fairly non-existent, so this is my first real update. The North was amazing. I fell in love. I am using the iPhone Wordpress app so excuse the formatting and different image sizes! Am just on a short break in McDonald's so don't have time to give details! Xo Ps - I am loving every minute of the trip so far - fun seeing friends along the way and the scenery has been stunning!

A Road Trip. But For Real This Time

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I have been dropping loads of hints about my love of road trips, camping, adventures... Well, I can finally reveal that I have set off on a super free-spirited trip to the West Coast of Canada! Me, myself and I! I have wanted to get out there for ages, I have lots of dear old friends living there, and I decided this was the summer to do it. The planning took months, and didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped/anticipated. I had been viewing and researching VW Westfalias (camper vans) for months and months. After I saved my pennies, I had narrowed it down, but ultimately none of the VWs worked out. It was really sad when this one got a big F on its inspection: It was crushing. But I had to move on. Which I did. To something slightly more reliable but much more modern and macho (which I'm ...


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When I see other people's travel pictures, especially awesome pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, I always feel jealous. Then I remember that I have been to some pretty sweet places too. Near and far. Algonquin Park (one of my absolute favourites spots in the world).  This next photo is also Algonquin. My dad took it early one morning a few years ago. Georgian Bay. Niagara Falls. The Scarborough Bluffs (don't ask me how we ended up there one night). What was shocking was all the weird 'stuff' on the beach. I took pictures. The bluffs are incredibly cool up close, too. (Torontonians, go check them out! They are crumbling away daily.) Chicago. (loved loved loved!) Who doesn't get a pic of the BEAN!?! It's amazing. There were lots of amazing pictures from Chicago... (even through glass!) Bonny Scotland. (This was my favourite picture from my time in Edinburgh.) (HA!) No Big Deal - am just hanging out, off of Princes Street in Edinburgh... ...

Kinfolk Dreams

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There is something about the word Kinfolk that sits very well with me. It makes me think of a large commune of 'family' members living together at a big, old, man-built cabin. The kind that perpetually smell like cedar and seem to always have an old fashioned coffee pot bubbling away on the wood burning stove. Are you melting into heaven yet? Dogs snuggling up at our feet, all the windows open, birds sitting on branches just outside the window and group activities like hanging a double hammock between trees. Kinfolk Magazine is beautiful. Everyone canoes in boots. Right? As if you don't wish this was me and you. Our own goats make goat cheese. (Fully just going into an imaginary world now...) I love this next image. All images from Kinfolk Magazine with the exception of the last image, which was from a Kinfolk event in SF (from D'art Photographie).

Summer Lovin’

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Now that myself and the rest of the world are Instragram-obsessed, I often have more images that are snippets of my daily life. (Which are mostly just pictures of dogs.) I know y'all are dying to see more pictures of my dog and my nephews. (Yes we are freaky and refer to our dogs as our children). A beagle sleep train at my mom's place. HA! I take these pictures so that his parents (my brother and sister-in-law) can see how much fun Snoopy is having at Beagle Summer Camp. The moment before a shake-down! I love this picture. We were chilling out in the park and she was gingerly smelling something. So adorable. See why I post so many pictures of Sheamie? And of Snoopy. Beagles are so damn photogenic. So it's not really my fault. And let's face it, I don't have kids or a life really (that's what all the moms and high powered Bay ...