May Long Weekend

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Y'all, it's a long weekend in Canada! Woo hooo! Specifically, it is Victoria Day Long Weekend. The irony? No one celebrates it in England but we keep on celebrating it here - some residual effects of the Dominion I guess. Up North growing up we always called this weekend "fishing season" weekend AKA field party weekend. Apparently it historically was the weekend that the fishing season opened in Ontario, so lots of hick teenagers would grab beer and head to fields to do things they shouldn't do. I was never allowed to go to these parties - massive no no - but I do have one hilarious story about trying to go to one once. It failed miserably for me, my mother had eyes on the back of her head. Because I am busy being human, I thought it might be nice to just share some of my favourite snapshots over ...

Frame Love: FHE Green Series

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About a month ago I was approached regarding Fresh Home Elements (FHE) housewares products. They make affordable products for your home ranging from a fold-able bench to a pet chateau to frames. One of their newer products is the green series eco frames. FHE kindly offered to provide me with a few samples of the eco-friendly photo frames to see how I liked them and since I revamped my dresser, I had been looking for some new art for that area of my bedroom. My new frames arrived like this: And quickly became this: I was sent three FHE frames - two smaller  4 x 5 in frames and one 8 x 10 in frame. I got them in the dark brown stain which works really nicely with my garbardine, mustard and white colour combination going on right now in that corner of the room. I had a great coffee (yeah!) card I won from City of ...

Once I went to Lisbon

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When I see other people's travel pictures, especially awesome pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, I always feel jealous. Then I remember that I have been to some pretty sweet places too.  I apologize for the smallness of the images -not sure why they are so small! I am not sure what psico is but I bet it's good. I always make sandwiches for days out. We went to Cascais - a great beach town not too far out of Lisbon city center (less than 4 euro to get there). That's a damn good looking sandwich if I do say so myself. Priest stencil. Don't see those in Toronto. A lovable pigeon. That might be an oxymoron. City. Ummmm???

Oh Snap! DIY’s In Your Face.

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I can't believe I just let myself use that title for my post. That's my ghetto side coming out. :| Yup. Nope. Moving on. I am too tired to come up with some sweet themed DIY roundup, so instead I am just reverting back to my old ways: a good ol' fashion roundup. Of some of my recent favs. Enjoy! Prepare to be shocked. This DIY is pretty amazing. Another Ikea hack my friends. From The Painted Hive! How unique is this fridge? It's contact paper, for real.  Spotted on My 2nd Hand Life  For the hot young babes in your life. A copper mobile. The talented Crafty Sisters made this. Another Ikea hack. Phenom. Spotted on Elle Interior. I really have a thing for tie dye right now. From Michael Penney Style I love anything camping so I obviously adore this. It would also be great for additional seating in your house (if your friends and family didn't mind being perched ...

The Swedes.

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They sure know how to do it. And how to do it well. Love this conversion I found on Stadshem From this.... to this.... And this open concept kitchen would be ideal. For me anyways. Perfect. And from Alvhem Life's for living And a fantastically functional kitchen I love love love this bathroom - Stuart featured it back in July! Image from BOLIG magazine