The Artful Badger: Pick-pocketing Sweet Art (DIY Round’Em Up)

Friday, June 8, 2012 2 Permalink 0

Wow, that title is way over complicated. This is how it unrolled before my eyes. Me: "Hey self, what should I call a DIY round up post about art?" ME: "Well don't be boring, don't just say "DIY Art Roundup" Me: "Ummmm..What about the artful badger?" ME: "Huh? Where is that from. Better google it." Me: "Ohhh ya... It's the character from Oliver Twist - the pickpocket. " ME: "Ya use all of that. Oh wait. Write something about it being a DIY post too." UGG! Story of my life, talking too much, over complicating something incredibly simple. Like a blog post, about sweet do it yourself art. Okay you got the story, now GO! *I have to preface this by saying I have zero artistic ability, I assume others don't either. So the 'art' will be on the easy side and just a pinch of creativity* I really love this first idea.... As I love animals. If you ...

I Should Live In The Woods Somewhere

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Someday I will become a recluse. I will just pack up and head into the bush. Into a lovely, quaint cottage hopefully. Here is the sweet cottage I hide in all weekend with some of my old BFF's. It rained. A lot. But it was wonderful and made my heart feel like it was going to explode. The lake we stayed on. This was one of the breaks in the incessant rain fall. Proof of the sweet rain. Amazing cottage art. Is it art? Ya it's art. If there is any question about a cottage being 'cottagey' enough, just put a fake canoe/boat bookcase in it. Believe it or not, I utilized the blue slide. I'll let your imagination sort that one out (average temperature last weekend was somewhere between 13 and 17 degrees!) I was gifted this beaut I am jealous of myself. I wish I could go back.

Stealing Away

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I am stealing away this weekend for a good ol' fashioned girls weekend. This picture was supposed to be artsy and fun but just came out as creepy illegal activity while driving. This is one of the sweet Ukrainian placemats I picked up at a local rummage sale last weekend. I love the concept of a rummage sale - loads of stuff on tables and old ladies standing around asking you if .50 cents is too much for a China plate! I took this photo last week. I like it. Doesn't need an explanation at this point does it? Sheamie doing her thing! This gal needs to be in my life but but but I'm not THAT crazy. But I'm "sleeping" on it. Have a great weekend crew! I'll be thinking of you when I am nesting down during our upcoming weekend of rain and drinking a glass of Chianti! PS - did you see on Twitter that I said ...

DIY’s: Pipe Dreams

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 4 Permalink 0

There are lots of different kinds of pipes out there. Image: UCLA Library But I'm talking industrial, nitty, gritty factory pipes today. In your home. Minus the nitty gritty of course. You can make lots of sweet do it yourself pipe inspired projects. Like this garment rack: Spotted on A Beautiful Mess And want a rack but need some lighting going on in there? Spotted on Weekday Carnival A skinny pipe desk. Spotted on the Arting Starvist Bam! Open concept industrial shelving! Spotted on iVillage (although the how-to component seems to be gone?) Farmhouse table with some new legs Spotted on Frugal Farmhouse Design More open concept shelving. Spotted on The Brick House I like the simplicity of this small desk and that it is tucked away against a wall (feels like something I would do). Spotted on Katherine Sharpe's blog That's all for today, excuse my brevity! Still trying to find my feet after the last few weeks of manic work and social activities!