Adventure Has To Start Somewhere

Monday, April 30, 2012 1 Permalink 0

Image from This Is Or Thinking of the summer and my outdoor adventures that I have planned has kept me going through all my craziness at work... It occupies most of my spare time. You won't be surprised to know that I found the above image on a tumblr account, and when I searched for sources it just came up with more tumblr accounts. SAD FACE. Let's do it. A beaut of a print by The Wheat Field on Etsy. Need 'em For sale at REI. Just in case. Because you know there will be a few. How adorable would these be in a camper? Spotted on Prudent Baby. Beers and marshmallows. Grown up pleasures. Spotted from Design*Sponge.  How cozy does this Westfalia look inside? Awesome way to wake up. From Junkaholique Another gem from Artemis at Junkaholique (spent a long time on her blog today!). Camping in style from Junkaholique So sweet. Ahhhhh another day gone by.

Welcome To The Family, Gabardine

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Garbardine, you ask? Why let me tell you - Garbardine is the name of the odd dark teal-ish/grey/slate colour I picked to paint my new dresser... Wikipedia tells me that garbardine means "..a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suits, overcoats, trousers, uniforms, windbreakers, and other garments." Collective "Ohhhh of course." It all makes more sense. When my mother saw the colour, she remarked, "That's a very vintage-y looking colour." I obviously smiled. I didn't intend for it to look like that but basically it is perfectly me. It fits in with my other colour 'likes' right now: burnt reddish/orange/coral, brown, mustard yellow, dark wood.... So what's the back story? I have been searching Kijiji for a new dresser for ages... Like months. To no avail. Nada. Nothing. Except a bunch of over-priced, ugly pieces of furniture. Then one day, a nice, solid looking wood dresser popped up. I wrote - she responded. I picked it up ...

Perfect Outfit For Having A Cold

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Whine whine whine...blah blah blah - I have a cold... When I have a cold I try to troop on and just get on with my day but business continuity experts of the world would likely recommend that I just stay home. I am not good at staying home. I have important meetings to go to, things to do, don't want to fall behind blah blah blah. Not good I know. Anyways, I was sitting in bed and didn't feel like writing a decor blog post so I created an outfit that I wished I was wearing because I have a cold (lame huh?). Created with Polyvore! Head to my Polyvore account to see all the links to sources etc.  

Yellow. And All That Jazz.

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When I saw Emma's beautiful table arrangements that she made for Toronto Life Magazine, I swooned over this little dining vignette she lovingly crafted: Isn't it amazing? Photographed by Raina + Wilson I just really, really, really love the colour combinations, textures, and blossoms among vintage pieces. All is so pretty. So you know me... I find something and RUN WITH IT. Um. Excuse me while I diverge from home related stuff to share this amazing necklace I found whilst searching for home decor: Stunner from Pree Brulee Wow. Okay. Gotta get over that and move on. So apparently it's hard to find homes that sum up that beautiful piece Emma put together. So I am taking a different road than I had originally planned. What if I created my own little bedroom with these colours? The sources for this one are going to be super annoying... Light fixture: The Brick House, bedding: original unknown, yellow beds: pink wallpaper, abstract art: ...