The Truck Heads West

Monday, August 6, 2012 0 Permalink 0

I don't feel like writing. I left Calgary for Whistler. I stopped along the way. I stopped in Revelstoke as I had some extra time on my hands - camping was nothing to write home about but the town was cute! Post about my trip there coming soon.

Connections in Calgary

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While I was on my way to Calgary, I received a Facebook message from an old University friend. She wanted to know if I was still in Edinburgh. Nope, I wasn't. I was outside of Winnipeg. Driving to Calgary. Guess where she was? In Calgary - visiting her family, then flying to Edinburgh for a week! I love how the world works. We picked a day and headed up to Canmore, where her sister Hillary has an awesome Hot Yoga Studio (go check it out!). We caught up over some fine local ales. Caught a show at the Communitea Cafe - the Beauties (from Toronto) and the Wagons (Australia). They were great and cool to see in such a small venue. My view when I woke up in the morning. NBD. Hillary sells these beautiful handmade bracelets in her yoga studio. She and Meg were both wearing them. I fell in love and bought ...

My Gramma’s Melamine Camp Dishes

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These have been used for years and years and years. They have been lugged around in the camp dishes box for just as long. It's a heavy jerk. But has a bundle of treasures inside. Oops. My Gramma would have died if she saw how haphazard and disorganized her dish box was! I suspect that the box was made by my grampa. Years of tea and love The whole 'collection' Other things in the dish box.... All purpose tins Dish towels. From who knows when And possibility coolest of all... My grampa's Boy Scout dish kit bag (each camper was responsible for keeping their dishes in a wee bag...I think)

Waterton, Alderson Lake and Camping in Crandell

Friday, July 27, 2012 1 Permalink 0

Arg. I just realized that I forgot to write the text for this post so I am going to get lazy about this and give you the quick run down, more shots from Waterton National Park, plus some more hiking pictures from the Alderson Lake trail. Camping in Crandell was nothing to write home about but was alright - flat and little tree coverage. By the time we got to the campground we didn't really care though as we were dying from the Akamina Ridge hike. Before we set up for the night, we grabbed some sweet smokie hot dogs from Wieners of Waterton. We loved it so much we went back the next day for round #2. Awesome dogs, effing amazing sweet potato fries and free fountain pop to boot. Who doesn't love a free root beer with your hot dog? They had these cool tee pees in Crandell. I made ...

Waterton Park

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Last weekend I tackled (by tackled I mean hiked) my first big mountains and as my friend says "we crushed it!". The Rockies are like nothing else I have ever seen. I have never felt so small and insignificant in my life. It was THE best feeling ever. I really don't know if I would have hiked the Akamina Ridge trail in Waterton Lakes National Park had I realized just how difficult and rigorous it was going to be for my lame Ontario ass. Want to feel useless and out of shape? Go hiking in the Rockies! But I am proud to say that after lots of amazing, supportive encouragement from my super hiking buddy and 6 long hours - I did it. We took a small detour in the beginning up to a Ranger's cabin. This was at the very beginning of the trail. At this point I hadn't realized that ...