The Swedes.

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They sure know how to do it. And how to do it well. Love this conversion I found on Stadshem From this.... to this.... And this open concept kitchen would be ideal. For me anyways. Perfect. And from Alvhem Life's for living And a fantastically functional kitchen I love love love this bathroom - Stuart featured it back in July! Image from BOLIG magazine

HELP: I Could Win An EQ3 SOFA!

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That's right, I entered a contest. I don't enter contests often but I thought to myself at 1 hour to go before the deadline closed "why not?". So I did it. I whipped up a little moodboard using Olioboard - featuring my favourite big ticket item from EQ3. The Reverie sofa. Oh so lovely. Oh so old school looking. Oh so awesome if I could win it! The best bit? There are only 13 entries so I have a pretty good chance of winning if my awesome readers rally together and do me a big favour and leave a comment on the moodboard on Pinterest!!! Here is my moodboard This sweet competition is part of Blogpodium - a great blogger's conference I am heading to in a few short weeks! So what to do? CLICK HERE. Leave a comment. Any comment. Hi. I like you. I like this. I like that. It doesn't matter what ...

Go On… Give Me Your Rug.

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Seriously. I have been creeping on rugs lately and been experiencing some high level rug envy. If only rugs were easier to steal from people's homes, I would roll 'em up and take 'em out. Ya I'll just pop over to Colorado and steal Rachel's rug. No biggie. Spotted on Design*Sponge Kate's sweet hallway runner. Spotted on the Refinery 29 And everyone needs tie dye in their bedroom. Everyone. Spotted at West Elm From For Me, For You Like this modern rug. Spotted on vtwonen Browns, beiges and grays. You can't really go wrong. Spotted on Plante Deco


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My Internet is down, so I thought that there would be no better time than now to try writing a post with my phone... Some flashes of my weekend. My fabric that I have not used yet. My owls. Cool trivet that I got from my Gramma's things. The super moon! Let's see how this works out.

Chop, Chop. Get to Work.

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I wish I was more like this amazing dog - Bean. Incredibly busy, efficient and fun. Sarah Yates took these great photographs of her photogenic pup Bean (that's Yuca Bean in case you were wondering) And... If I had a party, I would invite Bean for sure. Go read Sarah's blog here.  Sufficiently distracted I hope. I wish I was a dog stylist.