Updated: An All Natural Sort of Summer Ahead

Friday, June 29, 2012 5 Permalink 0

This summer I am hoping to make the full on switch from junky products to mostly natural, better for me products. Here is the break down of my gear: Some things you may have seen before, like the homemade body butter. You can find the deets for that here. I finally found Tom's anti perspirant, it took me ages to find it. I like the smell of the deodorant, but as we all know, that doesn't do much to help. I have never used the wipes before, but they are natural and smell like grapefruits - I can't wait to use those babies on the go. All the others are self explanatory. I would love to change all my make-up over to all natural products too but I haven't found products that I love yet. Any suggestions for me? Another cool wee thing... I thrifted this old picnic basket to help me stay organized. All compact ...

DIY Cedar Window Box With Some Help

Monday, June 25, 2012 5 Permalink 0

So once upon a time (well last week) I got contacted by a super lovely woman named Jordana about a workshop that Home Depot was going to run. I went. Then this happened. Believe it or not - I made that sweet cedar window box! With some professional help of course. The folks at Home Depot weren't going to leave us up to our devices, that is just stupid. But with supervision we sawed, nail gunned (it's a verb now as far as I am concerned), glued and stood around looking proud of our ourselves. No one likes to read the text, so here are the pictures! This next image was taken by Jordana at Environics Communication. All lined up and ready to rock and roll here. Blog babes. Heather from Interior Groupie getting down to business. She wrote about her love for nail guns here. Lexi in the pink was my building buddy. She writes Lex ...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4 Permalink 0

Snippets of my June thus far... I seem to take a lot of pictures when we go out for walks. It's when I have time to think about it I guess. Snoozin' Honest Ed's. Obvi. The Kissing Booth food stall at the Junction Flea Market! Sheamie at said Flea Market. And then I realized I was uploading very small images. Sorry! I am just too lazy to go back and re-upload them #lazyblogger. This picture falls under the category of 'things I didn't buy but maybe should have'. Welcomed another sweet chair into the family. This one is super comfy and lowww... low rider. I took this one last night. Sheamie and I have been heading to the water daily to get away from the cement heat in Toronto. It's killer. Ollie is too much of a snob to look directly at the camera. We are his peasants.