Camp and Road Trip Food

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The idea was relatively simple in concept, not so simple in execution. There were highs and lows: new cooler malfunction, forgotten French press, soggy Quebecois cheese curds and menu planning derailed due to shifts in the weather (remind me never to trust the forecasts ever again) but on the plus side, cheap local strawberries, surprisingly yummy dinners and herbs from my garden on everything. I wrote about my lofty cooking goals HERE last week. Some things worked, some things didn't work. C'est la vie. So let's go through the successes and less than successful meal planning for my 4 day road trip to Quebec. I am going to group it by type of meal.... SNACKS By far, the most successful (no bumps or need to recalibrate after disasters here). I packed almonds, walnuts, cherries, blueberries, tangerines, apples, Veggie Straws, cucumber, radishes and picked up whole wheat morning glory style muffins on route. Next time, I ...

Traveling with your dog

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Have dog. Must travel. I really despise when I meet someone (sorry friends of mine who have said this to me but this does go through my brain), "Oh I would just LOVE to get a dog but I couldn't, I still love traveling". I always think "So?". Just because you have a dog doesn't mean you can't travel. In fact, I travel in part so I can bring Nan. I love finding new places to explore and well she is a dog, so she does too! I am not really sure if this is just a topic that I think is interesting or if it is something that other people think about as well. Admittedly, I am a dog manic. I know that. Since getting Nan, my life has improved times a 1,000 (minimal estimate). Part of that is taking her with me. It is so much fun. It is harder ...

Dutch Vtwonen Magazine To Die For

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When I was in Holland in April, my friend Eline showed me one of her favourite Dutch magazines that she subscribes to. Vtwonen. Like most Dutch designs, I loved it. Wood. White. Grey. Vintage mixed with new. Clean lines. Overall dreaminess. Can my next home just be a Vtwonen home? Group work station! It doesn't look like there is any room for me to actually work on that desk but to be honest, this is how my desk/dining table looks 90% of the time. Real Life. Those leather straps are awesome but not so sure about their functionality.... I liked the magazine so much I snapped pictures with my Iphone of past issues that Eline had laying around in her home. All images from Vtwonen Magazine (some from their website, some from the actual magazine that I snapped pictures of!).