Orderly And Snug

My dressing area needed to become more orderly and with the recent cold snap in Toronto, it also needed to be less shocking to my poor feet in the morning… So I whipped it into shape on Tuesday.

vintage dresser organizedBecause my dresser and toiletries are beside the window, the floor tends to be absolutely freezing in the morning- so I picked up an inexpensive Ikea sheepskin

And threw it down there….

ikea sheepskinSo much cozier.

organized makeup and dresser My camo.

jewelry tree row house nestJewelry tree by Umbra

Some of my favourite jewels with a fine little figurine fellow (believe this is a Kiwi bird?) – from my Grandmother’s house (likely a gift from one of her many pen-pals she maintained over the years)

I love Fresh. I really fell for Fresh after I went to their shop in San Francisco a few years ago. Citron de vigne is my scent right now, heavenly.

I purchased 5 “made in Canada” mason jars to organize my beauty products – organized by Q-tips/cotton pads, face/moisturizer, lips, face and eyes.

Sheer Witchery.

Simple. Short and Sweet. All very good things. XO

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  • barbara@hodge:podge

    So pretty!! What is sheer witchery??

  • Kristin Walzak

    Looks fantastic! The way the textures all work together looks really elegant. And another thing we have in common; I’m quite the Fresh addict myself 🙂

  • I totally bought one this year too! Not from IKEA, but it is soooo nice on the feet! Love it!

  • Looks cozy! Great styling of your dresser / vanity as well!

  • Love the dresser! My bedroom has really short walls and low ceilings because of an alcove so I can’t have a dresser with a mirror. Looks like you get great light in your bedroom too!

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