On The Road Again… Soon

I am in the home stretch now for work, counting down the days and hours to being free to do as I please again. It’s odd, I love my job. I think a lot more than most people do but at this time of the year I am just so over it. Things I usually love about my job feel so tedious. It’s a horrible feeling – it makes me feel guilt. Why can’t I enjoy it once the temperatures warm up? It’s a natural gut reaction. I just don’t want to be sitting at my computer attempting to pump out reports. No one seems to even care about my reports at this time of the year anyways (which makes it all that much harder). Anyways, on a positive note: I am almost done and I have already begun making mental lists of the shopping and ‘to-dos’ before I escape Toronto for a good portion of the summer. Admittedly, there is a small part of me that wants to stick around Toronto this summer – I love my neighbourhood, there are so many amazing events that happen over the summer and it is the time of the year where the city (good and bad) comes alive. But ultimately the pull of road adventures with Nan wins. At least for 3-4 weeks. After I do the usual boring stuff with my next paycheck (car tune up, VISA bill, blah blah), I have decided to treat myself to some more new gear. I received several things from family members for birthday and Christmas but I still have a few fun things I want to pick up….

She most definitely needed that. Our trip would have totally been off beat the whole time if she couldn’t spot her locally made doggy bandana (from Helmutt’s Pet Supply by the way. Made with love by one of their employees).

This is what Nan looked like the last time I had her in the car for 10-11 hours straight (when I first adopted her).


Interesting sleep position.


This is her this past week practicing (I have been mentally preparing her for weeks)


Anyways. What sort of sweet gear am I looking to acquire for my 2013 road trip?

 I could drool over Poler items all day. Here are some of my favourites that I would love to buy:

 Crew sweater

Wunder bundler

I need to get back into wearing a hat. My poor hairdresser will be frightened when she sees what the sun has done to her handiwork. Western hat

I want a Napsack. A lot. This is totally my ‘thing’ but not sure what the quality is like on them… So it’s going in my maybe pile.

All Poler gear available for sale and images from Polerstuff.com

I really want to get a kickass 2 person tent. They save so much space and have the ability to keep me warm when I am camping (I am ALWAYS cold). I would love to get a really good tent, am still torn between a Marmot or MSR.

Pulsar 2 person from Marmot


MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person tent.

I love Patagonia and want to pick up a few of their base layers and possibly a pair of pants for hiking. I’ll spare you the fashion show though.

Nan needs some shit too.

Ruffwear Approach Pack (day pack)

I would love to pick Nan up a Ruffwear Highlands dog bed but it’s a little expensive for something we won’t be using all the time…


I also need to make a run around to my favourite health food stores, like the Big Carrot, to grab my natural beauty gear – shampoo, soap, oils etc. Need to make sure I am smelling good and don’t need to shower daily when I am driving around Canada, ya know?