Oldies But Goodies

I worked in a bakery all throughout high school and we had a shelf for day old baked goods – they were labelled “Oldies but Goodies”. That’s how I feel about this blog post. Recently, I have been attempting to clean up the blog – update information, streamline things, delete old stuff. Some are still “goodies” while others…Not so much. This blog has been in existence for over 4 years! Seriously. I’m shocked too. Something that came out of a need to be busy and create as evolved into a super amazing but consuming side project. I think about the blog a lot these days – how it can be so much better. I just wish I had an extra set of hands and a few more hours in the day uninterrupted. But we likely all do. I want to take the time to reflect on some post from my archive as I loved re-reading them myself and thought it would be fun to share some of my favourites…Or Oldies But Goodies!

storage solutions for a small apartment

Tips For Living In A Small Apartment That Worked – although I no longer inhabit 400 sq feet I still use a lot of these tips!

camping with a dog

Tips For Traveling With Your Dog – again, these are all my tried and true tips for whether you are camping, going to a cottage or crossing the country with your puppy!

hiking with a puppy

Weekend Getaways – as it reminds me that (1) Nan was so friggin cute when she was little and (2) I need to get out of the city more often on the weekend!

Road trip packed 4runner

Things I Learned on My Road Trip (alone) – because it is fun to remember that I drove across Canada by myself three years ago.

melamine camp dishes

My Gramma’s Melamine Camp Dishes – aw gosh. I had forgotten I had written about these awesome dishes. They are so loved.

vintage herman miller chairs

Thifted Herman Miller Chairs – once upon a time, I found real Herman Miller chairs Goodwill for (I think) 2.50$ each (I don’t think I ever shared that killer tidbit before). I die. All over again.

DIY homemade body butter

DIY Natural Body Butter – that I need to make again. So buttery and amazing for your skin.

sheep in Donegal

The time I wrote a city guide about Belfast for Design Sponge! Northern Ireland is so beautiful in the spring time so obviously my mind drifts to NI. I miss it a lot. The smell. The landscapes.

vintage dog bookend

Vintage Bookends – that are likely in the crawl space of my ex’s parents house. I guess I’ll never see them again. But they were so cool.

DIY distressed dresser

My DIY Distressed Dresser – oddly, this was one of my first DIY projects that I actually documented. And it is still popular on Pinterest to this day. I don’t get it. My desire to update furniture has evolved (more Scandi white washed now) but lots of people still love that French shabby chic look. Oh Mojo. Okay can’t look at old pictures of Mojo with her red ball.

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