A Trip to Nicaragua

I sometimes feel bad when I post about my travels or weekend trips – but then I shake my head a little and just move on. I can’t and will no longer be able to post just about home stuff. My life does not facilitate much ‘material’ in that category at the present moment so you are just going to have to bear with me and look at other things in my life. Here is my trip to Nicaragua via Costa Rica.

I just returned from a week away in Nicaragua – it was suppose to be Costa Rica but then life revealed that an old friend from high school owned a hotel/hostel/hippy surf commune in Nicaragua just across the CR border… So what does one do upon flying into Liberia, Costa Rica? Fly the coop and hop on a random bus to Nicaragua of course.


Outside a school.


Truck. Duh.


Maderas Village outside of San Juan Del Sur. An old high school friend is a part owner of this amazing little hippy/ surf accommodations commune in the middle of nowhere outside of San Juan. Known for its incredible surfing, it is a hop, skip and jump away from the beach. Ideal for anyone who is a sun worshipper who is looking for something away from the crowds. Healthy eats, simple but comfortable rooms and lots of inspiring, relaxed folks to meet. It was the type of place where you go to stay for 2 days and end up staying 2 weeks. Honestly.


Our private room was located in the basement of this building.


The interior.


Yoga studio in same building.


 Playa Madaras – or Maderas beach



Thankfully Maderas Village provided pups for me to play with.


If you are ever in San Juan Del Sur, check out Pelican Eyes for some sweet, luxury, infinity pool swimming and stay for the sunsets….



Nan’s cousin Murray.


Grenada (or Granada).





The Masaya Markets (outside of Grenada) were a little wild west – until we discovered the much tamer (more tourist geared) artisan market down the street.


Masaya active volcano…


Delivery a la Grenada styles.


This is a weird image but it was taken on our last day in Liberia, Costa Rica. There was this massive mango tree right beside the pool so mangoes kept dive bombing us and falling in the pool. So funny.


I am already thinking about my trip back.  I will go for longer this time – but more prepared in terms of where I am going (we didn’t plan anything which worked out just fine) and maybe convince a few like minded friends to bum along with me. I had never been to Central America before and I loved it – although there was a little bit of a Wild West feeling about it. Maybe I need to brush up on my Spanish skills a little before I head back.

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