Inspiration for My New Nest

I am in full fledged nesting mode for my new space. I have secretly been squirreling away ‘inspiration’ images on Pinterest – I felt so sneaky every time I pinned an image to my secret board. Because my home is going to be so small, I have to be incredibly careful about each and every item I bring into my home. I have a few possessions that I already own that I will be bringing (like my mustard coloured Eames chairs) – or at least trying to bring with me – but I have to buy quite a few things. Before I moved to Ireland, I purged much of my furniture so right now, my home is a blank slate for the most part. It is pretty exciting to think about getting new things but in an odd way, it is always incredibly frightening. I am not sure why it makes me anxious but it does. I have become so accustomed to not spending much money on possessions for my home. I use to buy things nilly willy – I want new towels – buy new towels. Now I am over thinking sales, where I will store them, how many do I want…. Blah blah blah. I know one thing for sure, I would like to buy less, go higher quality and try to buy organic as much as possible.

A few other things that I am leaning towards: mostly white, earthy/outdoorsy (I want to feel like I am never far from nature even when I am in the city) and more mid-century, quality wood. Here are some beautiful images I have collected to help me create my new space:

Sadly I can’t find the original source for this image. Somewhere it mentioned Design*Sponge but no luck.

What I love about this image: the chair, the industrial naked bulb and the gallery wall. I am considering creating a gallery wall like this in my hallway. I have so much art. Way too much art.

Source: Poppytalk

What I love about this image: The mixture of textures, wood & white and the sheepskin. I want lots and lots of sheepskin in my apartment. Not so sure it will be Nanna friendly but…. Oh well. I also love the mixture of colours – whites, woods and greys.

Source: Shootfactory

 What I love about this image: the desk, chair and gallery wall (again). I would love to use my Eames chair in a similar way but with a smaller desk. I also love the frosty white/grey of the walls. That worn rug? Lovely.

Source: Reading My Tea Leaves 

What I love about this image: I love the mixture of nature with photographs, postcards and bits and bobs. This sums up what my random boxes of stuff look like. I think I might want to do something like this. It is so sweet.

Source: Ugg… Can’t find the original source. Sorry.

What I love about this image: the earthy tones, worn rug and lots and lots of white.

Source: SFgirlbybay

What I love about this image: Everything. The whites, bits of nature, furs and flooring. I won’t be using a bedframe like this due to my space limitations but I love how it looks in this image.

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  • Dawn

    Meagan you are so lucky to start fresh. Everyone should have this opportunity to purge and only have things that are useable everyday. You will do fine. Enjoying your site.

  • Jules

    Meags–the sheepskin is lovely but just a note dogs LOVE IT. My mum has a little rug beside her bed and both Brooklyn and Elliott’s dog make a beeline for it as soon as her bedroom door is open. However I have a connection for really nice ones in Toronto at a great price so let me know I will send you their info xo

  • oooohhh I like all of it…love where your head is heading!!

    The photo of the chair and light bulb comes from a Swedish relastate web page… The apt probably sold long ago but the photo went viral. Swedish relastatepages are a gold mine for designlovers. Most photos could be from a magazine!