Natural Fiber Infusion

Living in Ireland I saw a lot of sheep. Everyday pretty much. Sheep here, there and everywhere. I love the natural fiber look that wool gives us.

Inishowen, Donegal.

Spotted here.

Big ones, little ones, medium ones… the occasional black ones (I always liked those ones best!).

Spotted here.

From these little ba-ing creatures came one of the most awesome natural fibers out there – wool. I am trying to get away from buying, using and living in a short lived synthetic life. Synthetic materials ultimately end up dying, look horrible after a little while and don’t breath at all. Wool is more expensive, yes. But it’s so much better in a million different ways. There are lots of great things out there made from wool that you could infuse into your home for a cozy and long lasting winter!

Let’s see how to add more natural fiber to our homes:

The obvious choice. Plaid, wool blankets. Spotted here.

Getting back to basics. Spotted here.

Dreamy, vintage, hazy room with wool rug. Spotted here.

Scratchy pillow. Spotted here.

Chunky wool stool. Spotted here.

A hot water bottle cover that comes with pockets. Amazing. Spotted here.

Fun grey wool pillows from a Twitter friend!

Love this one. Wool socks and blanket. Spotted here.

Your Gramma’s blankets are always a sweet edition. Spotted here.

Original and sweet stool covers make me smile. Spotted here.

White stool cover (okay I am done). Spotted here.

 That’s it for today, all the natural fiber one can possibly want ot see.

  • Lisaroy

    Our apartment in Dundrum looked out at the sheep at Airfield and we used to laugh at their little voices that we could hear baaing in our apartment. I fell in love with all the gorgeous wools over there and the felting being done by artists. I made sure to buy a pretty wool blanket from Avoca before I left. 🙂

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  • Jules

    Super love the pic with the wool socks/plaid shirt/blanket. I would like to be wearing that right now, with a huge coffee, on a couch at a cottage!

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