Make: Natural Cleansing Face Oil and Makeup Remover

The desire to make my own cleansing oil came from the painful reality that I cannot currently afford to buy the professionally made stuff from a company that I adore. At Christmas, I received some in a gift pack and have been savoring every drop of it when I wash my face. I was a oil cleansing method advocate before, I read about the virtues but stuck with my cucumber cleansing soap because it made my skin feel so darn clean. But when you get something as a gift, you are willing to try it. And I feel in love. The cleansing oil would miraculously remove every bit of mascara from around my eyes and leave my skin feeling supple and soft. So when I ran out of my cleansing oil, I decided to take to make some myself to tie me over. I am still playing around with essential oils and smells but these basic recipes are a great starting point if you would like to try cleaning your face with oil instead of soap. Trust me, you won’t regret the switch. This blog post will teach you how to make your own natural cleansing face oil.

make your own cleansing oil at home

Blooming in Bedlam wrote a super great post here about the method and what essential oils to complement your skin type.

My method as instructed by my esthetician for cleaning my face. Wet face with warm water. Put small handful of oil in palm and dab on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Slowly massage the oil in all over your face. I spend extra time around my eyes and over dry patches. Grab a facecloth and run under very hot water. Soak in water and wring it almost dry. Working quickly, use the hot towel to remove the oil. Done. Magic.

diy cleansing oil recipe

Recipe #1: oil based cleaner

 I used all organic products.

Olive oil, avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, aragan oil and vitamin E oil. I added a few drops of three essential oils: bergamot, geranium and lavender.

Recipe #2: Castile based cleaner

Almond oil castile soap, rose water, olive oil and rosehip seed oil. Again, a few drops of bergamot, geranium and lavender.

DIY cleansing oil

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