Modern A Frame Plant Stand

Are you a crazy plant person whose home has become a jungalow? Well when you reach that level you start making plant homes to keep all your babies in one spot…. And that’s what this crazy plant lady had to do. I just couldn’t keep up with the ever growing demands for sun filled ledge space and decided I only had one opinion moving forward,  making my own modern A frame plant stand. Much like my leaning bookshelf, I didn’t quite find what I wanted out in the retail world, so I decided to DIY this one. And all my plants are now happy with their own little slice of plant heaven.

Modern A Frame Plant Stand

simple A frame plant stand

This beauty was brewing in my imagination for quite awhile before we actually made it. As with many of the things I want to make, it had to be functional and beautiful. I am too old to have ugly things in my house. I thought it was going to be uber complicated to make but with my dad and James’ help, it wasn’t too difficult at all….albeit many steps… But do-able.

diy modern plant stand

So grab a coffee, this tutorial is a long one (well worth the end result though!). I was able to make this sturdy, long lasting piece for under $100 CAD (90$ CAD so $70 USD!). This is for materials only and does not include the cost of paint or stain.

how to display your plants diy

Stunning pottery by Hinkleville **This is just a sneak peak of more to come**

Materials for Modern A Frame Plant Stand:

  • 2 – 1x10x8 pine boards *you can use whitewood boards to save money instead of pine*
  • 4 – 1x10x4 pine boards
  • 4 – 2x2x8 framing lumber
  • 6 – 1x2x8 pine boards
  • 1 – narrow hinge, fixed pin (1 1/2″)
  • 2 – corner braces (1″)
  • 8 – screws (2 1/2″)
  • Stain or paint – I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement along with their awesome Beeswax Finish

Tools needed:

  • Table saw
  • Mitre saw
  • Sand paper
  • Ruler
  • Try square
  • Drill
  • Paint brush
  • Rags
  • Pencil

Okay so let’s start with the rending for my modern A frame plant stand….

build rendering for plant stand


(Bear with me… We made this stand more than two months ago. WHY did I wait this long?!?! Crickets…)

Using the table saw, cut a 15 degree angle on each of the 4 pieces of 2×2 (framing lumber). This will create a nice flat edge on the feet of the plant stand. Next you want to eyeball the 5 foot mark on the inside edge of 1 piece. We measured 5’2 and cut it on the table saw. Using this piece as our measuring stick, we measured the 3 remaining ‘legs’. Make sure you remember to set your table saw back to 90 degrees before making these cuts! Sand off the edges of the feet so it is nice and smooth.

Now get ready to cut the shelves or large ‘steps’ of the ladder. Because it is an A frame, the size of each shelf is slightly different. Check out the rendering for the approximate size of each shelf.

We were able to salvage the cut off feet from the legs to use as frame supports under each shelf. We measured 8 width wise supports from the remaining pieces of the 2×2’s. Using a try square, we trimmed off each support to have a 15 degree angle like the legs.  This is so the supports line up visually with the A frame.

cutting an angle plant stand

Next, measure 12 1/2″ on the inside of the ladder to the top of the top rung (using a pencil). Take the opposing leg and the markings should be a mirror image. Place marks in the sames on the opposing leg of the stand. Then we placed a pencil mark on the supports to denote which side is which.

measuring plant plant

Using screws, we put in countersink screws into the legs. Drilling at a 75 degree angle for the screws is best. This doesn’t have to be exact. Drill two holes then countersink them.

plant stand tutorial

Now you are ready to attach the rungs width wise to support the ladder. Check it against the pencil marks. Attach the 4 rungs to 1 leg. Check your 90 degree angles!

making a plant stand sides

Now line up the other side of the ladder making sure to check your angles again. Screw in the two center rungs to the opposing side first. Now repeat this for the second ladder.

plant stand design

a frame plant stand tutorial

Once you done both ladders, grab your hinge. Using your 1 1/2″ narrow hinge, turn the hinge over and pencil in the holes and secure with a screwdriver. Attach the hinge to one side, then attach the open hinge to the other ladder (works best if you lay it flat on your workbench).

modern a frame plant stand

Next you are going to grab your shelves. You can get three of the shelves from one piece of board. We increased the bottom shelf to actually measure 41 inches instead of 3 feet 5 inches. Cut that. Sanded it to smooth down the sides. We secured the bottom shelf with 4 corner braces (1″ each) as we wanted to bottom piece to be extra sturdy.

supports plant stand

Then we attached the top shelf with 1 bracket on each side. The top shelf measured 21.5″s. Attach the two remaining shelves in the same manner (shelf number 2 measured = 28″ and shelf number 3 measured =34.5″). Make sure you center each shelf.

After we finished making the ladder, it sat neglected for a few weeks in our living room. I couldn’t decide what colour to paint it so held off… Until I became familiar with Fusion Mineral Paints. The  only problem was, I wanted this piece to blend in nicely with my other pieces. I went into uncharted territory and tried something different, I diluted Fusion’s Casement paint with 1 part water (to 10 parts paint) and gave it a very thin layer of white. Similar to whitewashing but less time intensive. After two coats of paint, I was able to use their natural Beeswax Finish and didn’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals. I don’t need to lose anymore brain cells.

modern plant stand

The plant stand turned out amazing. As always, my dad was instrumental in helping me turn a vision into a piece of furniture that we will keep for ages. It is strong and able to withstand the weight of lots of plants (yay!) freeing up other valuable space. My living room also feels less crowded as most of the plants now live in one little home.

make your own plant stand

Shortly, I will be sharing what my modern A frame plant stand looks like covered in my beautiful plant babies so stay turned!

A frame plant stand

For under 75$ USD, this plant stand is affordable and perfect for those living in small space but still want to have a full on jungalow!

make your own modern plant stand

Disclaimer: The paint and finish for this project was kindly provided by Fusion Mineral Paints, a wonderful Canadian company. In addition, the beautiful piece of pottery was provided by Janet at Hinkleville. That said, all words and opinions are my own. All other supplies were purchased by me and images are my own.

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