Tis That Season – Minted Holiday Cards

Listen, I am as shocked as the next person – it’s almost Christmas. How the hell did it come up so quickly? I have no idea. Life has this magical mysterious way to sneaking up on us. It felt like just yesterday that Nan and I were splashing around the East Coast and now I am already thinking about my Christmas shopping and cards…. I always struggle each holiday season to buy cards that are “me”. The ones I seem to gravitate towards are always way way way too expensive for me to rationalize buying (everyone just recycles non-personalized cards right?). I love getting cards that involve personalized pictures because than at least it feels like you are getting a little something special. So what awesome timing when Minted contacted me about their holiday photo cards and the desire to collaborate. Minted has kindly offered to allow me a credit so I could make my own Minted holiday cards this year and I jumped at the chance. How fun would it be to make Nan-ized holiday cards? Sweet right? Who wouldn’t want a little Nan on their mantel this holiday season?

After my initial panic of “what the hell do I put on a holiday photo card when I don’t have a kid’ subsided, I started to wade through the hundreds of designs and styles offered by Minted. I have to be really honest and say that I knew which card I liked immediately (it was even on the first page for God sakes!) but I wanted to do my due diligence to check out ALL 642 designs available. Yes. I said 642! I know it is incredibly cliche to say but there really is something for everyone. And if you don’t feel like eye balling each and every design like I did, there is a great filter search system where you can exclude/include what you are looking for more specifically (ie., no photo, folded card format etc.). Just to be sure, I picked a few different designs that I liked as well as a few different photos and tried out each different image with the designs to see what looked best. Here were my favourites:

My criteria included: not too religious or Christian sounding (I have friends from different religious backgrounds so it is important to me that I can give the same card to everyone), fun font and little text (keep it simple, right?).

Piled High (for obvious reasons). Nan approved.

Brushed Gold for its simplicity.

Most Wonderful is just cute.

The hand drawn holiday card is funky.

I love how different this one was (peach passion)

I feel in love with this one immediately. Hand painted branches.

After finding all my favourite templates, I uploaded my images and played around with personalizing the cards. The one problem I ran into, which I doubt is that unusual, is that many of my images that I wanted to upload for my cards were lower resolution…Thus would look horrible when printed. I am glad the program made me aware of this but I struggled to find images that I liked and met the resolution criteria. Once I realized that I really only had ONE IMAGE that met the resolution criteria, it narrowed down my choices in terms of designs. Minted’s website allowed me to create several cards, save them all and review them before I made my final decision. I liked this as an indecisive person it allowed me to play around with each design so I could see how each would look. What I also liked is that the program saved my photo and automatically placed into each design I selected so I did not have to keep telling it to upload my chosen image.

So which did I love in the end?


So help me! Which do you love? I would like to place my order ASAP so that I have plenty of time to mail off my awesome personalized holidays cards to exotic places in Europe – god knows you have to send cards 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure they get there in time.

I would like to thank Minted for this opportunity and make it clear that Minted has provided me with a website credit so that I may fully experience their holiday card design process. They did not ask me to say anything in particular and just asked that I give my honest opinion about their website and service. I can honestly say that the website is easy to navigate and make the process pretty darn easy. If you are interested in making your own holiday cards – check out Minted Holiday Cards.

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  • I like the joy one. I like peace and joy cards because they are sentiments that appeal to everyone no matter the time of year! So, I vote option 1.

  • Oh man! Gorgeous and hard to pick. I say “The most wonderful time of year” BUT they are both amazing and we Walsh’s shall hope for one to grace our mantle this holiday season 😉 xoxo

  • barbara @hodge:podge

    I love the bottom one the best! The graphics really pop!

  • I like the top one!

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