Midcentury Modern Mudroom With Function

The main goal with my mudroom redesign was to take it from outdated and dusty to a modern mudroom with function. We are in and out of there frequently as it serves as the entrance to our apartment. We get dressed for the outdoors in there. We leash Nan up and wipe her off when we return and we store ‘outdoor’ type things in there… So it needed to be incredibly functional and durable (against dog mud, bike crud and boot mess). It’s a warzone basically. That said, it is the first room our guests see so I really don’t need it to scream “They have given up and just abandoned this room”. So here’s what I decided to do to balance a modern space with some cool elements with function. Transforming this weird cold little space into a Midcentury Modern Mudroom With Function has made me super happy. Embarrassment GONE.

decorating a mudroom on a budget

Notice that greeny olive ombre leash on the right? I made it for the wedding! So cute… Pretty but slightly less practical. And there are those amazing honeycomb storage bins we knocked up last year. They really transform the space. They took a poorly utilized area and made it into complete organized space. This allowed me to turn the opposite, east-facing wall into something more fun.

diy storage bins

Our bins have stood the test of time and are incredibly easy to take care of and transition nicely through each season. Winter = toques and gloves. Summer = hats and bags. James all year round = bike stuff. The whitewashing has shown to be durable and super easy to clean thankfully. Read about how I whitewashed them here.

removable wall stickers

I didn’t want to hang any art in the mudroom so I chose instead to get these adorable removable triangle wall decals from Urban Walls.

storage bin tutorial easy

I like keeping a chair in the mudroom for throwing stuff on – that said, it can become a dumping ground. My wire baskets are vintage but there are similar baskets here that are super reasonable.

decorating for yourself

Love my little shamrock plant. Real name? Oxalis. So weird. The picture above? Taken by my mom in the 70’s. Love it so much.

cacti Toronto

Just ignore that blue paint… It’s on the Summer 2016 to-do list.

simple mudroom decor ideas

Plants make everything better. See that bag on the right? A gift from Benjamin Moore from their Colour of the Year launch party. I absolutely adore it and it’s perfect for my work materials. Our bench? An Ikea hack! It’s supposed to be a simple TV stand… And now it’s a low bench.

mudroom decorating ideas

My eucalyptus wreath has dried nicely although I think I will swap it out soon. DIY tutorial for the wreath here. Feel like time travelling WAY back? You can read about how I got my Eames chairs for next to nothing here.

cambie design blanket home

We were gifted the beautiful Cambie Design blanket for our wedding.

Look at this little creep who can’t stand when I exclude her:

Like many of the rooms in the apartment, the mudroom is an amazing mish-mash of mid century, Scandinavian and vintage. With a side of boho.

updating a mudroom budget

Love it. Feel like I am finally happy with the mudroom. Transformed it from a cold, strange little space to a Modern Mudroom With Function.

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  • I love the decals! So cute.

    I think it’s really important to have a seating option in a mudroom but we struggle with it, like you said, turning in to a dumping ground. More often than not there’s so much stuff on there that you *can’t* sit on it. I ended up taking ours out (and haven’t put a chair in our master bedroom yet for the exact same reason).

    • Yes!! Haha I think about doing that in the bedroom too. Anything that could be tempting for us to throw stuff on! Thanks so much for commenting Becky!

  • Looks so good,a nd I love the decals which are perfect for renters! Now, if only I had a mudroom…

    • Thanks so much Abby! You just need to move home 🙂

  • Emilee

    Love! What did you use to guide your placement of the triangles?

    • Hi Emilee! Thanks for commenting. I actually just used a ruler – and measured it the old fashioned way. Hope that helps!

  • Janis Severloh

    Where is that brass planter from? Thanks!

    • Hi Janis! It’s vintage 🙂

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