Mid-Century Sofas

Doesn’t a few weeks feel like forever in blog time? Things move on and change rapidly. You forget about something you read or saw only a few days ago. Well I posted my “pre” living room – the before and during reveal if you will of my living room almost two weeks ago. TWO WEEKS AGO! That feels SO LONG ago. What I need to remind myself and everyone else is that sometimes things aren’t just ‘right’ to be shared yet. The wall transformation has happened. There is one small project that I am waiting for the perfect day to do (long story). But otherwise, the room is almost ready. Except for one very significant factor which has lots of knock off effects. We can’t find the right couch. I have been hunting all over. Following up random internet leads to nothing. After work and life commitments, there isn’t too many hours to be spent sitting on sofas in display rooms at furniture stores so I try to do most of my ‘research’ online. So without having a new sofa, I can’t hang the art. Without the art and sofa, the room still looks – well a little off. So I don’t want to shoot it yet. Little things are coming together though, pillows and plants and blankets… A new rug. A very small cabinet has been salvaged (thanks mom!). Almost there… So maybe you guys can help me. I feel like friggin Goldilocks again! Here is my walk through of mid-century sofas I like:

The Winston from Morba.

morba winston sleeper

(excuse how small this image is).

Elisa sofa EQ3Then there is the Karlstad Sofa. A fan favourite of bloggers. But I hate the legs. Then I saw this image from Honey Badger Home about doing a little leg hack

ikea sofa

BTW, go read Honey Badger Home, they have some sweet mid century style hacks on there and she promised me she is going to start blogging again!

Then there is the vintage sofa I found. I love it. Seems like it is in pretty good condition but would it be comfortable? Would our apartment become TOO mid century obsessed?

teak sofa

That fabric could be hideous in real life right? And the dog would murder it with dirt and grim after an afternoon in High Park with her dog walker…

I love this sofa but am not sure which sofa it is… Found it on this photographer’s website.

sara landstedt

I enjoy this sofa but fear it might be too feminine for our sensibilities… and also likely can’t be bought in Canada without insane shipping and handling.

Finn sofa

I was shocked to find this new mid century style piece at Leon’s, unfortunately I don’t love the colour and there are no options for finish other than this blue


I know that the right sofa will float to the top. That just hasn’t happened yet. Guh.

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  • That sofa looks a bit like the Eve sofa from EQ3.

  • I adore that bottom one! But then again, I also love teal, haha. Sofa searching is so hard! We ended up getting our sectional at Costco, but it most certainly is not MCM, haha.

    • Doesn’t HAVE to be MCM. I looked at Costco but their current stock didn’t jump out at me.

  • Getting the right sofa is so important! I actually have the Karlstad but to be honest I am a little disappointed in the quality – it looks fine but the framing underneath is not that substantial and the fabric in the sides of the arms has stretched quite a bit. Next time I would opt for something better quality.

    • Thanks for the tip Jeannine. I really appreciate some REAL feedback. Did you talk to Ikea? It has a 10 yet warranty

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