Mason Jar DIY’s

I have always had a ‘thing’ for mason jars. My mom always had them around to store pasta sauce, dry goods and jam. Maybe it’s a comfort thing – it reminds me of home. A homemade/handmade home. I was lucky enough to have a mom who had time to make food from scratch – and I appreciate that more than ever. As I get older I have also grown to appreciate my mothers use of re-usable mason jars. They are the perfect size for storage in cupboards and never leak. And she was an eco-warrior before it was ‘hot’. Cruising thrift stores this week I have been looking to begin a mason jar collection. Apparently someone told my local Value Villages this and they have decided to hike up the price of mason jars – bastards! Here are some awesome mason jars and things you can do with jars – get out there and reuse. Please. Mason Jar DIY’s explosion here:

Fun DIY vintage inspired mason jars. So colourful and fun. Spotted here.

The classic. Spotted here.

A little blue mason jar envy. No big deal. Spotted here.

I would be SO impressed if I showed up to a party that had these prepared drinks! Spotted here.

Soap dispenser. Spotted here.

Spicing up the plain Jane jars. Spotted here.

Again, I would be so impressed if I went to an outdoor party and saw these! Love it. Spotted here.

Getting colourful in this place. Spotted here.

Some sweet vintage mason jars. Spotted here.

These aren’t mason jars per say but adorable small jam jars converted to a bundle of flowers. Awesome awesome {yes I meant to say awesome twice}. Spotted here.

The oh so cool pendant light fixture. Spotted here.

Love using jars as drinking glasses. Spotted here.

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  • Inspiring post! I have been trying to round up some mason jars (for food storage) from thrift stores. You might like the kitchen light made form mason jars, seen on the most recent episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Keefer family). You can watch the full episode and house tour on hulu.

  • so creative… great round up of photos!

  • I love mason jars but yup, those thrift stores know what’s going on! I found 3 pretty blue vintage ones at Red Barn antiques in Muskoka and love them. Apparently the blue ones are from the states – Canadian vintage ones are clear. 🙂

  • I love mason jars and their many uses! I have made hurricane candles using them. Love the soap dispenser! All such fabulous idea!

  • Mason

    I love this 🙂 Feel free to check me out on twitter at @amasonjar

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