Marble Mania in Kitchens

When I was in Florence I went absolutely ga-ga for all those beautiful ancient marble. It was stunning, simple, perfectly aged and exuded a lasting elegance….After 700 years or more of existing, it was just as stunning and beautiful as the day it was installed. While we were training between the Coast and the City – I noticed the industrial areas outside of Pisa, such as Massa where you could see the actual marble yards…. Ever seen uncut slabs of marble? Cool. Just cool…. And you can see the actual slices in the massive pieces. Maybe I am easily impressed…. Anyways, when I returned home I set to searching high and low for beautiful marble in homes and want to share a few of my favourites with you (as always!). Marble Mania in Kitchens:

I really love how countrified yet modern this adorable kitchen is. Spotted here.

This one is one of my absolute favourites, it is like a piece of art! Ironically around a boring cheap doorway! Gah! Spotted here.

An elegant marble wall adds some personality to this simple bathroom. Spotted here.

Simple feature. Spotted here.

Lovely small round marble dining table. Spotted here.

Ohhhhh, adore this island/bar. Spotted here.

Simple and grey. Spotted here.

This one got snuck in because (1) I like open shelving and (2) who doesn’t wish this was their kitchen avec coffee & fruit at the ready? Spotted here.

It makes the bathroom. Completes it. Spotted here.

Marble tiles! A little different but just as nice. Spotted here.

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  • Weekenderlife

    This post is gorgeous. Love the clean and coolness of marble – if only we could live somewhere hot where it would be absolutely necessary to have marble floors…