Map It: DIY It

Map coasters. Do it. Spotted here.

Maps are one HOT TAMALE right now… Notice that? Here, there and everywhere – maps are popping up all over the net (that makes me feel so 1990’s). No matter how you look at it, maps are a fun addition to a home – especially for those that like a good vintage map (soft spot for moi), like travelling (for real, who doesn’t like travelling?!?) or have sentimental love for a particular part of the world. I thought it might be fun to do a roundup today of some cool map related projects for you guys! Hopefully you get inspired!

This might be the easier one: candles and vases wrapped with a little map paper. Viola! Spotted here.

Don’t have any wrapping paper? No problem – wrap it up in the world. Spotted here.

Lovely garland – would make for cool decor in a kids room. Spotted here.

Ok I lied before. THIS one is the easiest by far. Buy map – place in old fashion school style hangy thingies. Hang. Spotted here.

Multiple maps. Spotted here.

A sweet map monogram. Spotted here.

Heart art. Spotted here.

Love it – re-purpose a tray! Spotted here.

Love this map idea – get that baby use to travelling! Spotted here.

Map table. Spotted here.

Heart eyes. Embroidered map. Original source unknown.

A handmade map. Spotted here.

Magnetic map board. Definitely one of my favourite projects from the roundup! Spotted here.

Map pinwheels. Oh so cool. Spotted here.

Maps in embroidery hoops. Love it. Spotted here.

DIY corkboard map. Spotted here.

Very cool idea…. Especially for long countries 🙂 Original source unknown.

Okay so as you can see there are a lot of cool map projects out there – think I went a little over board…Sorry! Once I started I couldn’t stop.

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