Make Your Pup Something – Doggy DIY’s

It’s the right thing to do. Stop being so selfish  and make something cool for your favourite dog(s) in your life. What better way to combine two things I love by writing a blog post about doggy DIY’s? Design + Dogs = mega obsession. Make Your Pup Something – Doggy DIY’s

Image: Me.

I know not everyone is as obsessed with dogs as I am (what is wrong with you guys?), but quite frankly my life is so much more fun with dogs in it. Although I am trying my best to defend my dog-over-zealousness, I do probably borderline on a dog psycho to non-dog people (again, seriously how could you NOT love them?). Admission: I search SPCA’s and Ontario Humane Societies within a 150 KM radius of Toronto for my perfect new friend. Yup the hunt is on (so stay tuned!).

This is sort of me – except it is usually a dog.

Great cartoon by Gemma Correll 

Every pups dream, to have a toy that looks sort of like them!

Tutorial on Create Studio

One person who loves making stuff for her dogs…. Martha Stewart. Personalized dog tags

Spotted on Martha Stewart

Sweet customized dog bed

Dana made this sweet bed on her blog Crafted Niche (Roxy is so lucky!)

Another cute idea from Martha, a soft mat for dogs

Great for travelling or for another location in the house asides from the dog bed. Spotted on Martha Stewart

Also love this stylish dog bed constructed out of a destroyed comforter! What a sweet way to savage an awesome blanket your dog destroyed – ha!

Tutorial on Merrypad

I would love to have a wooden kennel like this, so much friendly than the steel ones. If you wanted to get extra crafty and fun you paint it, wallpaper it or cover it with fun fabric.

Fantastic directions on Ana White

Tutorial over at Laura Griffin Design

Make a super retro-fied adorable dog bed for your small pups (I would need to find a bigger suitcase to be able to do this one):

Suitcase love! Spotted on Dottie Agel’s flickr account.

Love this wee coat – actually made a version of it for Sheamie last week (see below)

Full instructions at Craft Zine

Sheamie modelling her new stylish coat:

Wondering how I made it? I bought an old men’s jacket from Goodwill – loosely used the above tutorial from Craft Zine and just tweaked it to suit Sheamie. It still needs a fleece lining inside for the super cold days but otherwise the exterior is done! To be honest – I think Sheamie really likes it – she can move around easily in it, run and go to the ladies room, no bother.

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    Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for sharing Roxy’s dog bed. You have such a cute blog. I’m having fun digging around and exploring! 🙂