Make Your Own Ladder Shelf

It has just been over a year since I shared my minimalist leaning ladder shelf that I made with my dad. One year on, I love that shelf more than anything. As time passes, I find myself de-cluttering and taking a less is more approach. The ladder shelf itself is a stunner and I find that putting too many things on it, just detracts from the beauty of the shelf. This ladder shelf is a perfect weekend project this spring. You can check out the full tutorial how to make this DIY leaning ladder shelf here.

How to make your own ladder shelf - instructions:

This simplistic whitewashed finish has held up beautifully over time – it is easy to clean, looks amazing and really brings the clean Scandinavian feel into the room. I wrote all about how to create that whitewashed look right here. Although it can be a little time consuming, it is well worth it for the result in the end.

Ladder Shelf Magic

Learn how to make this Scandinavian inspired ladder shelf over on

By removing some of my vintage collections, I created space to really show off my favourite items.

Scandinavian decor on a budget - Ikea dalla horse - via

It really helped me to take every single thing off the shelf and to make piles of items. I grouped them into “love”, “want to display but could leave it” and “time to go into storage”. Then I made myself ONLY put the items I loved back on the shelf. And this was the final result. The ladder shelf has been restored to being a clean and organized shelf.

You can make your own DIY leaning ladder shelf - minimalist display makes me so happy - full details

I love revisiting different corners of my home and switching things up. You can only redecorate so many times right? But switching up artifacts? Easy!

This DIY ladder shelf is perfect for smaller homes or apartment dwellers!

DIY this amazing Scandinavian inspired ladder shelf. Full tutorial:

Again the full tutorial on how to  make this DIY ladder shelf is available here and the instructions for how to whitewash your wood is here.

The most perfect little cactus ever -

Straight on… I know the shelf is totally straight but somehow this picture is making me think our apartment is crooked.

DIY leaning ladder - perfect for styling your things and displaying your plants. Full instructional for ladder and how to create the Scandinavian white washed look on

Love what you see? I would love if you shared my project – this one is definitely my proudest creator moments!

You can create your own Scandinavian, minimalist ladder shelf - instructional on

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