Make: Eucalyptus Wreath

After the wedding, I had a boatload of eucalyptus leftover and just couldn’t put it into the compost. What to do with leftover eucalyptus? Make a eucalyptus wreath! Was so easy and smelled beautiful! Very very simple and looks amazing – now that it has been a few weeks, it has dried beautifully. This wreath is perfect year round but would make for a beautiful holiday wreath for someone who is sick of the classic evergreen wreath.

simple DIY eucalyptus wreath

So what do ya need?

DIY eucalyptus wreath how to tutorial

The tools I gathered up: my awesome Japanese sheers, floral wire and tape and a small wreath form (18″) from Michaels. The wreath form was only $3.99$ and I used a half off coupon. Rule: never buy anything from Michaels at full price. In terms of greenery and flowers, I used leftover seeded eucalyptus that was in floral arrangements at the wedding, and simple, hardy small white flowers. All in, I think this wreath cost about $10 to make (including the cost of the re-usable wreath form). Compared to the $50-$130 ones I found online, I was well pleased with how this little baby turned out. And I felt good about finding another use for my left over wedding flowers. Go Me!

flower bundles for wreath

I started things off by creating small bundles of flowers with greenery. Sort of like mini bouquets that I would wire into my finished wreath. Just to add a little colour amongst the greenery. Bundle and wrap the ends in floral tape. I trimmed off the ends and left about 2 inches.

DIY eucalyptus wreath

After I finished the bouquet bundles, I began attaching clusters of eucalyptus to the wreath form. The trick is to make the clusters thick enough that you cannot see the wires or tape. Moving around the form, attach your eucalyptus and finish with selecting a few locations for your bouquet bundles. With leftovers, I went back over the wreath and filled in any bald looking spots.

DIY eucalyptus wreath

For $10, this is a stunning wreath that looks and smells beautiful. I love(d) it. Am already thinking about making another one but with a vine form instead. With some found natural elements like pinecones, berries etc. AMAZING.

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