Local Belfast Charm

I put aside some time yesterday to wander around Belfast and snap some pictures of the amazing architecture that exists here…. Sadly much of it is left in disrepair and most it of appears to be crumbling away as the years roll by and the neglect continues. Some buildings have been luckier and have benefited from financial investment and have been reinvented  as hotels, restaurants, studios etc. A little local Belfast charm here and there.

My favourite house in our neighbourhood….. An elderly man lives in it!

Isn’t it beautiful? A row house or town house to be jealous of! I adore how people leave their front doors open and lock the inner door. Many homeowners take massive pride in their front entryways and decorate them with fancy wallpaper. Do you love it too?

Belfast archtectureCould this building be any more Art Deco? The font of the Bank of Ireland sign, the woodwork… Again, I love it. I wish I had taken more pictures. I promise I will go back on a bright day and snap some more pictures. This poor building is just rotting away….It kills me, absolutely kills me!!!

Belfast architecture and historyThe fan shape patterns = amazing. Again, the Bank of Ireland building in City Center Belfast.

I loved the bright door on this townhouse situated in the old Linen Quarter.

And completely unrelated to architecture in Belfast but more related to art….

B tells me that “Yeo” is a very Belfast thing to say – instead of just “yo” that when young locals say “yo” it sounds more like “yeeeoooo”… Had no clue when I snapped the picture but loved the art.

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  • davidandlorimcmullen

    I love the doors on the bank! It is so sad to see old and historical buildings in disrepair.

  • great tour, thank you! We went to Ireland several years ago (my hubby is from Irish heritage). We LOVED it and spent much of our time dreaming of having a small cottage there!

  • i love the old man who owns that house – we should call round! if he takes such good care of his home, imagine how good he is at making tea!

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  • MarieBarnes

    Love this post! X