My Home: Living Room Tour

How does one name a post when they have been thinking and working on the room for close to 3 months? I think calling it a “living room tour” doesn’t really do it justice, but hey, I wanted to keep things simple. So here it is. It’s mostly done. With the exception of a few finishing touches, such as art for over the sofa – I am not even sure how I got here anymore. I could write a novella on each separate journey – Meagan’s Sofa Journey, Meagan’s Paint Journey, Meagan’s Everyone is Bored of Talking About Your Home Journey.

Row House Nest living room details

 It was such a slow evolution of taking things out, bringing new things in. Bringing the original items back in. Each step was methodical, discussed, lived in. Some loved pieces stayed, some didn’t (where will my vintage yellow Eames chairs go now?!?!). The living room became a obsession focus for me as it is the main artery in the apartment and well, it’s a living room. Let’s hope we were going to be doing some solid ‘living’ there. As always, I was striving to balance budget with style. When will I ever be able to stop talking about doing things on a budget?!?! Maybe never.

Nan on sofa Row House Nest

These beautiful photographs were snapped by the very talented, patient (how many Nan kisses can one individual endure while ‘working’?) and dashingly handsome Christian Webber.

Row House nest lounge chair and styled bookcase

I love this photo so much because it perfectly captures everything I wanted my living room to be. Stark contrasts (white/black) with monotone browns (in organic forms), metals and splashes of vintage colour.

Row House Nest bookcase details

You can read all about my painting of the living room here. The doors are Benjamin Moore’s Onyx and the walls are Benjamin Moore’s Distant Gray. I am so happy about my choices. I wake up, walk through the living room to the kitchen and think “Yup, nailed it” daily. The white is the most perfect white I have ever laid eyes on. For this space anyways. We have an east facing window so I really had to consider natural light. The use of black and white just bring attention to the little details in the room. And the choice of Onyx for the doors? The perfect way to break up the sea of whiteness that you are presented with when you initially enter the room. With so many wood tones, textiles and just my eclectic mix of decor, the Distant Gray created a blank palette for them to be showcased.

Chair and chest Row House Nest

Speaking of punchy contrast, remember my beloved mid-century armchair that I saved from death at a high school a few years back? She still lives.

Row House Nest window

I try to keep her safe from the perils of pet hair with an Ikea Rens sheepskin and this Ikea pillow that I think every blogger owns (or at least Instagram would lead me to believe that).

vintage traveling trunk Row House Nest

Amanda Kleistbergs, I am so glad your family dropped your camp travelling trunk off at Goodwill. The gold antlers? Picked up for 9$ at Goodwill and updated with gold spray paint.

Row House Nest office

Our office/workstation area lives in the south/east corner of the living room beside the window. It was the only area where we knew exactly what art should live there. Interesting fact: the image of the hat and soda bottle are from an older version of a psychological test I use at my day job. I think Etsy is one of my favourite spots to get artwork from.  The variety is limitless and let’s you get truly unique items for budget prices. And you know what? It’s nice to buy directly from a maker!

Living Room Office area

Small credenza Row House Nest

Row House Nest cozy living room

And that’s it. Back at the  beginning (that was a clockwise tour friends).

Photography: Christian Webber

SOURCESPaint: Walls & Trim –Benjamin Moore‘s ben line in Distant Gray (I wrote all about that here);  Doors – Benjamin Moore’s ben line in OnyxSofa: Ikea’s Karlstad in dark brown leatherLounge chair and ottoman – curbside find. Sheepskins Rens IkeaChevron and knit throwsTargetYellow throwWest ElmThrow pillows – Ikea, West Elm and Homesense. Area rugs – all vintage. Teak lounge chair – snagged at a school. Teak side table – from my mom. Coffee table – my boyfriends ex’s brother made it. HA! Succulents on the coffee table: Crown Flora (in a thrifted pot). DeskCasalifeOffice chairIkeaDesk lamp Ikea. Above desk Artwork: vintage hat and soda bottle cards and pendant, SMASH (Canada in 1763), Ashley G (trust your instincts) and Holy Fuck album cover. Small credenza: Curbside find from my mom. Art on credenza: Raymond BiesingerSucculent on credenza: Sheridan Nurseries. Everything else? Thrifted or inherited.

If you have any other questions about sources let me know in the comments!

A big thank you to Benjamin Moore for kindly providing me with the paint for my living room. And another big virtual hug going out to Chris Webber who came, let Nan bother him every 30 seconds and still managed to get beautiful pictures of my home.

And when we weren’t expecting/thinking that we would have our picture taken (I wish I could remember what we were chatting about here)…..

Us living room

I could have showered. Or put make up on. But I hadn’t. And that’s okay because this is us…. in quite literally, our natural habitat.

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  • The Sweet Escape

    I love it! Of course I’m a sucker for all the vintage elements. You did a great job incorporating all your eclectic and thrifty finds!

    • Thanks Melissa! I think we are ladies of the same tastes – mid century modern/vintage.

  • Andrea Hunter

    Agreed, all your choices are perfect! You’re right to be happy with them all. Am struggling with my desk space in my living room…inspired by yours! Btw the Eames chair can come to my house if it still needs a home 😉

    • Andrea! Will let you know when the chair needs to go for a walk 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  • Setting for Four

    Beautiful!! I love black and white too – contrast is a great way to add interest to a space and you did it so well! Love the Eames! Pinned! 🙂

  • It looks great! And I especially like the cozy kitty and Nan’s belly.

    • Nan and Ollie compliment ALL decor Abby!

  • It’s so gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much Becky!!!

  • Shauna Oberg

    Love how your personality shines through!

  • Tara @ Surburble

    Meagan, this space is beautiful! I love your artwork… and when I saw that pillow I thought, “I LOVE that. I think I’ve seen it before, but I love it.”

    It’s Ikea! Hooray! I want it.

    That last picture of you guys is too precious. Like you said, it’s your habitat. I’m smitten with it.

    • Thanks Tara! Very sweet of you.

  • Well done Meagan! I love your vintage finds and how it all works so well together. I always tell clients design is a journey and it takes time – to find the right pieces etc. I love how you kept the name card on the trunk. Don’t you just want to google her name to see who she is? 🙂 OK, maybe that’s weird and just me!

    • Vanessa! Already have googled her name!!!! Haha. James looked it up. Thanks for stopping by, happy holidays!

  • Love all your vintage touches! It’s so nice when a space is so personal.

  • Christine

    I can’t believe you found the chair an ottoman as a “curb-side find”. SO JEALOUS!

  • MaxSold

    Wow, very nice. Were some of these Downsizing/Estate Sale Online Auction purchases?

    • Hi Max Sold! Thanks for the comment – none of these items were from a Max Sold auction.

  • Oh cool! I picked mine up at Goodwill. Will have to keep an eye on MaxSold!

  • Amanda Brown

    I’m so happy my old camp trunk found a new home! Enjoy it! I love your style.

    • Oh my gosh Amanda!!! Is it yours? How did you ever find me?

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