Living Room Landscape

Well after living in our little apartment for well over a year, we finally agreed upon above the sofa (truly the best location in the house) artwork. Instead of rushing and just slapping something up there, we wanted to be intentional in our choice of art. We spend so much time in the living room and we needed something that spoke to both of our styles and fit in with our existing home. Not an easy list of demands to fill – but we finally did it. Introducing, our living room landscape:

Eastbound Through West Texas print

The Eastbound Through West Texas print struck a note with both of us.  Remember over a year ago when I shared our living room? Look at those blank walls!

minted large scale photography prints

Between us, James and I have traveled all over Canada. While this particular print may not depict Canada, it reminded us both of our many road trips across our massive country. In James’ case, his hitchiking days (crazy man right? That needs a blog post of its own).  The perspective this photograph depicts is one that we both gravitated towards – open roads, clear skies and the possibility of a new adventure.  One thing James and I have in common regarding travel? Before we knew each other, we both travelled through Canada solo.

Minted photography collage

Ever since we met, we have swapped stories of our Canadian travels – things we did, places we’d both been and things that happened that stuck with us. Picking decor and art to be in your home with intention sometimes takes time. We could all walk out to Walmart and fill our walls and shelves with things. As I get older, I appreciate the unspoken value of a curated home. I know that’s a real catch word right now – “curated” – but it is truly the best word for building a home with intention. Combing through our possessions, a little at a time, allows us to filter out the meaningless.

Minted landscape photography

Is it beautiful? Is it sentimental? Is it practical? What purpose does it serve in your home? Ask yourself these questions.

large scale DIY art online

We had worried that no art piece would be big enough for this vast wall space. Thankfully Minted carries large scale photography prints now. You choose the print and size. Minted recently held a photography challenge and expanded their photography pieces significantly. We had so many to choose from but when the votes were tallied, Eastbound Through West Texas was the obvious choice for us. We also had to think about what the print would look like blown up – at 40″ x 30″, our new print was big enough for the space (but not too big). We didn’t want it to overpower the room. We plan to add to our walls slowly, intentionally picking pieces that tell our story.

eastbound through west texas art print Minted

*Note: The Eastbound Through West Texas print was kindly offered to us by Minted. The opinions and text are all mine. Don’t worry! We only write about brands we love!

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