Let’s Get Lost

There is something that makes me incredibly uncomfortable (duh: anxiety) when I get lost. Or at least when I know I am starting to get slightly lost. Getting lost isn’t a big deal. We all know that – it’s the act of letting go that is scary. Not having control. I think North American culture teaches us to be in control at all times. We have to have control to have power blah blah blah. Lack of control is usually the true source of anxiety when getting lost.

I have got lost and/or well of my intended route before, and I try really hard to just roll with it. It can be hard but it often times lends to be incredibly rewarding and often times when we experience/see amazing things when we just let things happen. Sure you might not get to see the landmark waterfall you had intended but maybe you will stumble upon a meadow filled with cool wildlife that is super serene.


Here are some good tips for being a better explorer.

From the book How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith.

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