Last Minute Halloween Pumpkin Fix

Oh Meagan… You never learn do you? I have to put a disclaimer out there and say off the hopper that I ALWAYS have good intentions. It was me that suggested we stop for pumpkins last weekend when my family and I went to Niagara On The Lake. I wanted a pumpkin. Or few…

At a $1 a piece, we each bought multiples! Why not? In the city, pumpkins are like $8. We are millionaires in the country.

So back to my story. I bought 4 pumpkins, super enthusiastic about getting ready for Halloween with plenty of time to spare…. Right?

Then everyone else’s Instagram feeds were filling up with awesome carving images. Mine just sat staring at me. WHY AREN’T YOU CARVING US?!?!

If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s 6pm on Halloween night. By now, all the 3-5 year olds are done and retired to their living room floors with their loot. Forget about ’em!
I needed a quick fix! And I came up with it – the DIY-ers pumpkin (or super-last-minute-girls-pumpkin). I grabbed my Scotch Blue 3M painters tape, a screw driver and my knife.


I used my tape to create straight lines down the side of my pumpkin.

Once I had done that, I grabbed the screwdriver and started creating small holes down along side of the tape. The tape helped me to create perfect, straight lines of holes.


I did about 60% of the pumpkin (the side people would see in the window) and left the rest! It only took me 5 minutes and turned out super cool. I liked doing something quick, easy and with materials I already have. Scotch Blue by 3M had kindly sent me samples of their painters tape. The tape was way easy to use and even easier to peel off. A very unconventional use I know but when you are in a pinch, it did a great job. Next project, walls! Or furniture!




It isn’t quite dark enough here so this ‘dark’ picture is sort of lame:


I will take some better pictures later when it is actually dark! For now – I am off to my sister’s to eat her candy and let her ‘play with’ (aka babysit) her niece…… xo!

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  • I like! My husband and I always wait until the day of to carve our pumpkins – at least you bought your pumpkins ahead of time, we almost always leave that to the last minute too!

  • lipstikevents

    I love it! Totally trying this next year. I carved my pumpkin at 5pm and my husband was surprised I actually did it.