Kilim & Aztec Designs

Although I don’t quite have my own place yet {on the hunt folks!}, I am beginning to seek out particular items that I am obsessed with, rugs and blankets (but mostly rugs) with Kilim or Aztec patterns on them are my thing this week. I found a cool little runner a few weeks ago at the Aberfoyle Antique Market outside of Guelph but the dude wanted $60…It was his last one, it was small…. But pretty. Really pretty. Much like my bio says, I tend to think most retail prices are ridiculous and instantly think to myself “I can find that cheaper in a thrift store or junk shop” so I walked away. I am sad that I walked away – but to help myself feel better and to hone in on exactly what I want, I have been ogling pictures. I just Googled the word ogle as I feel like I don’t use it very often and wanted to make sure I wasn’t confused about it’s meaning. Please go read the first definition from our friends at Google. Nice example buddy.  I hope I don’t have a child one day who decides to Google the word Ogling. Kilim & Aztec Designs are just my favourite, so let’s talk.

Double the pleasure here. Area rug plus cushions on chairs. Spotted here.

Perfectly small and sweet blue rug that Stephanie found at a market! Lucky her! Spotted here.

Another great rug at Stephanie’s house (with her pup on it too, so cute!)

Yes I would take the rug and maybe the dog – although I am not usually a small dog kind of gal! Might make an exception in this case 🙂 Spotted here.

OH an unlikely find in the washroom! Sweet rug spotted in an interview with Ginger over at the Marion House Book.

In neutral colours in jagged edges. Spotted here.

I love that rug. A lot. A lotta lot. So colourful and full of spice. Spotted here.

OMG. Lots of little Aztec rugs sewn together to make one massive one! Spotted here.

Vintage Kilim runner. Spotted here.

A lovely stash of kilim pillows from Turkey all over the place. Heavenly. Spotted here.

Look down. Way down. Large worn Aztec rug. Great colours and love how lived in it looks. Maybe I am completely weird that I like when things look lived in… Spotted here.

Love this vintage pillow, do not love the price! Spotted here. Someday…

So that’s my Kilim and Aztec pattern obsession right now. Mark my words – I shall have one for my very own little home someday soon… Can’t wait to share it {eventually} with you and to share my new ideas and concepts for my one day new apartment!