January, Small Updates In A Small Apartment


Happy 2014 friends!

January, Small Updates In A Small Apartment

It is finally getting to be where I want it to be. Not exactly but close. I still need to do a few painting related things. I am always battling clutter in this crazy small space (one piece of recycling makes my place look like a trash heap). And well Nan needs a dog bed. That is a big decision around these parts. I don’t exactly have extra space for a dog bed. She needs one though. 2014. Nan and I are going to keep working on improving ourselves and doing our best to be OUR best. What’s that mean for Nan? Generalizing her good nature, mostly well behavedness to other people. She is mostly really great for me – listens a large majority of the time etc… BUT I have had a few people tell me recently that she doesn’t have the best manners when she is with them. I get it. I gotta get it under control. Her dopey love eyes will only take her so far.


My sister made me this pinecone garland.


This outdoor ‘swag’ is from the holidays. I loved the way it smelled so I brought it indoors.


This haggard succulent has a good story. I bought her (and paid a hefty price) for her on November 27th. Later that day I got in a bad accident and wrecked my car. Post smash up, I made sure I grabbed her out of my car and transferred her to a heap of my stuff that sat on the sidewalk while I figured out what to do. She didn’t fair very well. She lost 70% of her beautiful little ‘leaves’ and so many of the long beautiful limbs came off. As ugly as she looked post accident I decided to keep her. So she is my accident plant now. Behind her is a portrait of my first family dog Penny – my sister made it for me and I love it. It is perfectly Penny. Who wasn’t so perfect but we loved her because we didn’t know dogs weren’t suppose to be that bad! True story.


Dog treats, cocoa and a very old father Christmas. From my Gramma’s possessions of course.


 A string of lights and my rubber tree hangs out by my bed.


More lights. And the neighbours homes who I watch daily. And a little brass gator I bought second hand a few years ago.


Plant avec favourite bedding. Organic cotton from Target.


Prints by a good friend. Hook from Ikea. Essential as I own a lot of coats.


A long dangly plant from a friend now lives in my bathroom. She hangs out with palmy and some prints. And a wee picture of me with my ma.


Other side. Print from the McMichael Gallery. Placed it there as it matches my fancy fire alarm pully thing.


Things I love.

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