January Slices

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We moved!!!!!

And this is our new EMPTY apartment. Nan’s ear is amazing. And it gets a lot of attention. Why is it like that? Well apparently it is super common for sheppards to have their ears migrate to the standing position at different times. Her left ear is slowly starting to go sideways but I don’t know if it will ever go straight up like her right. I love her one ear up, one ear down face. Like that runner? I scored it for $40 buckeroos at the St. Lawrence Antique Market. The only thing I walked away with that day (I had high hopes stupidly)


Nan checking herself out (“Is there another dog in this house to play with me?”)


Blurry but such a funny picture. After being in the apartment for 2 seconds, Nan went to town rolling on the carpet.


My apartment got smudged. I love the idea of cleansing the new digs and it smelled beautiful.  PS – what a good sign – a VW Westfalia parked outside!


My New Year’s Day image. And resolution. And general motto. A famous quote from an old soldier (DVP).


My horoscope for the year! BAM!


Nans being adorable.



A vintage Nan-Remy image. So funny. They adore each other. He is kissing/eating her face here. So cute.  I can’t believe she use to be that small. She is growing so fast – between 35 to 40lbs now for sure. I call her little monster, although she really is still such a good puppy. It is still fun to call her monster though.

So what else is up? Well I am painting this weekend FINALLY, slowly trying to decide on furniture and currently living out of my suitcases for another week. SAD FACE. But it isn’t so bad. Interesting?  Not having a single pot or frying pan in my possession because I decided to store them at my dad’s 2 years ago when I moved to Scotland. Mmmm… Makes for interesting meals.

  • http://house-pretty.blogspot.com Amelia @ House Pretty

    I love that runner! Congratulations on the new place!

  • Lisa Roy

    Congrats on the new space! I love moving into a fresh place, even if it is like camping at the beginning. Have fun painting! :)