It was love at first sight, Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair

I walked in – scanned the room and my eyes zero-ed in on a chair. No ordinary chair. A smooth, handsomely designed chair that was painted blue. It’s curved hind legs, soft angle, woven seat and distinct look caught me off guard. Chairs – ya they are okay. That’s what I usually think, but then again, I had never seen a  Hans J. Wegner wishbone chair before (produced by Carl Hansen & Sons).

In black, spotted here.

My immediate thought when I saw more of these chairs up close… “I need one. Well I need 6 but I doubt I can afford 6”. And as I soon found out from the friendly salesman working at Batik, I most definitely couldn’t afford one. But let’s not talk about that. I want to focus on the chair.

Spotted here.

I knew it was them immediately, who forgets the first chair they fell in love with? I knew it was them immediately. Spotted here.

Orange! Spotted here.

Au natural. A real beaut huh? Spotted here.

Spotted here.

Practical too! Spotted here.

These chairs are like the ones my eyes first set their sights on. Wow. Adore. Spotted here.

Spotted here but obviously from a magazine…

Spotted here.

And finally, a little from the people at Carl Hansen themselves (because it is so nicely written):

“The Wishbone Chair is a classically beautiful, light and sculptural dining chair that is also perfect for simply relaxing in. The top rail is gently steam-bent to provide freedom of movement and excellent comfort.

The chair is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. More than 100 production steps are carried out by hand, and the seat is hand woven from 120 metres of paper cord that can last up to 50 years.

Hans J. Wegner designed CH24 for Carl Hansen & Son in 1949, and the chair has been produced without interruption since 1950.”

Lovely. Enjoy lovelies. XO

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  • these chairs are great! so simple! they don’t look to chunky, I love them!