Is Party Decor Part of Home Decor?

Saturday, May 14, 2011 2 Permalink 0

Don’t answer that! I don’t want to know!!! Because of all the pretty pictures over at Pinterest, I keep coming across party related pictures… and frankly I cannot stop looking at them wishing I threw more parties. I need more occasions to celebrate, obviously! With some many pretty pictures to look at decided it was a good idea to extend the idea of home decor to include party decor… So put your party hat on, saddle up and enjoy the good times.

Pretty in peach, orange & yellow! DIY paper lanterns spotted here.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! This spring theme is fun and would simple enough to pull off, spotted here.

This could swing for a lot of different themes, but mostly it just screams SUMMER FIESTA! Spotted here.

A fun idea for what to do with cutlery with a large group of people – in fact my mom did this little trick at a family party. Spotted here.

Bubbles, champers, sparkling, pretty pretty pretty. Will do this one 110% someday soon. Who wants invites? Spotted here.

Outdoor dinner party… ala rustic. Hopefully the livestock gets moved from this field before you dine there. Spotted here.

Really like the idea of menus at dinner parties! Cute feature, spotted here.

Summer lemonade party. No excuse or occasion required. Spotted here.

Do you think Martha will invite me to this one? Spotted here.

I love brunch. I love eggs¬†Benedict. So yup – let’s do it. Spotted here.

We all need more shades of blue in our lives. Spotted here.

You could do this with any number or the first letter of a name! Great idea – spotted here.

Carnival theme! Cute. Spotted here.

  • pepi

    I find very inspiring the birthday of 50’s full of life images!!!

  • Sana, So Does Estella

    Those paper lanterns leave me speechless! And forgive me but I’d leave one up all year long. Sorry, I had to say it!

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