The Inside Scoop, An Interview with Belle & Boo

You know when you are looking at reams and reams of stores for children’s collections then suddenly one just clicks? It’s always for a personal reason and I must admit, me falling for Belle & Boo is 110% selfish. Mandy Sutcliffe, the brainchild and illustrator behind Belle & Boo, has created an entire collection of artworks based on her illustrations of the characters Belle and Boo. And so here is an interview the Belle & Boo AKA Mandy Sutcliffe!

All images from Belle & Boo.

The sweet mixture of vintage charm, whimsical features with timeless imagination takes any adult back to their childhood years. There is a sense of familiarity when looking at Mandy’s illustrations – as if they were old friends of yours!

Repeat bag, image from Belle & Boo.

Or maybe she has captured your childhood toy in just the same light that you remember him/her. Mandy’s collection is beautiful and to top it all off – the illustrations are available in many different mediums, including art prints, paper goods, housewares, clothing and there is even a bits and bobs section where you can find a little bit of everything else.

Belle & Boo bedding, image from Belle & Boo.

We were incredibly honored when Mandy Sutcliffe said she would be willing do take part in the Row House Nest interview – we could not give up an opportunity to pick a brain like that! So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy our Inside Scoop with the artist and illustrator behind Belle & Boo.

Favourite spot in the tree badges, image from Belle & Boo.

Question. Tell readers a little about yourself:

Response. My name is Mandy, I am 37, I live in North London with my partner Russ who is an animator.

Question. Tell us a little about your favourite project that you have worked on thus far?

Response. It was probably when we designed our very first trade show called Top Drawer and we had a huge tree made.

Question. Where does your inspiration come from? How would you describe your own creative process?

Response. From all my favourite books I had as a child, Milly-Molly-Mandy, Winnie the Pooh. The internet is also a great source of inspiration and my friends children.

Wallsticker, image from Belle & Boo.

Question. What new projects do you have coming up/planning for?

Response. Just about to start work on the first Belle & Boo picture Book published by Orchard Books. We also have melamine dinner sets coming out next month and tin lunch boxes, they are so cute.

Question. Favourite store?

Response. Oohh good question, probably Liberty of London.

Question. Favourite magazine?

Response. Junior magazine its beautiful and Small magazine online.

Question. Where would you like to be in ten years?

Response. Creative Director of Belle & Boo a well established successful, creative, British brand and a few stores would be nice also and a pretty house in the country.

Question. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Response. New Zealand.

Question. What living person do you admire most?

Response. Cath Kidston because of her creative and business achievements.

Question . What would you consider your greatest achievement?

Response. Creating the company Belle & Boo.

Question. What is your motto?

Response. Just keep on trying!

Image from Belle & Boo.

If you would like to contact Belle & Boo or Mandy, please go to Belle & Boo’s website.

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  • What a lovely post to read. We are big fans of Belle & Boo and the work of Mandy Sutcliffe – she is a talented illustrator…and we can’t wait to see more things and the book! Bekka

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Carla & Bekka for commenting! We love hearing what you have to say and are excited that you are equally hyped about Mandy Sutcliffe as we are! We shall all be keeping our eyes on her as she grows!

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  • Allison

    Wonderful! Something I would like to add is that Mandy is also an incredibly lovely and generous and funny person. I am lucky enough to work with her, representing Belle & Boo in Australia, and she is an inspiration!x

    • Anonymous

      Allison that is so fantastic to hear and am not that surprised – she was so great and we were thrilled when she said she would let us interview her!

  • I love her work – lovely interview too btw 🙂

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