Industrial Revolutions

Straight from the ancient, dusty offices they once lived in… Where factory belts rolled, workers worked long hours, women wore skirts and typed and men wore suspenders. They may be long gone but thankfully some of their pipes, typewriters, cabinets and awesome do-dad’s remain for us to worship. Industrial Revolutions:

Graceful and practical all at once. Spotted here.

Vaulted. Keeping your booze super safe. Spotted here.

Couldn’t be prettier in my eyes. Spotted here.

The whole package. Someone taking industrial to the next level. Spotted here.

Oh the hundreds of thousands of things we could organize. Spotted here.

Old and tarnished. Spotted here.

Inspired petit shelves. A little DIY in there. Spotted here.

Amazingly minimalist. Envious. Spotted here.

Great old cart turned booze hoarder. Spotted here.

Homemade coat rack amazingness. Spotted here.

Watching the clock tickity tock. Spotted here.

Great industrial light in bathroom. Spotted here.

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  • I absolutely love all of these! That metal pipe light sconce turned book shelf? Amazing!

  • We have an old metal trolley very similar…great idea to use it as a bar for over the holidays! Love everything!

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    What a great post Meagan! I’m into the industrial look, and love the images you have used… have pinned 2 of them! Thanks for sharing 🙂