Industrial Pipe DIY’s

There are lots of different kinds of pipes out there. We are talking industrial pipe DIY’s today. So many good projects to share with ya! I feel like some of these projects are definitely next level but according to the wonderful makers, not too bad.

Image: UCLA Library

But I’m talking industrial, nitty, gritty factory pipes today. In your home. I love the industrial lived in feel.

Minus the nitty gritty of course. You can make lots of sweet do it yourself pipe inspired projects.

Like this simple garment rack:

diy pipe rack

So useful and simple in design. Spotted on A Beautiful Mess

And want a rack but need some lighting going on in there? Done and done. Amazing pipe feature with light to boot.

diy industrial pipe lighting

Spotted on Weekday Carnival

A skinny pipe desk. Great for getting shit done!

diy pipe desk

Spotted on the Arting Starvist

Bam! Open concept industrial shelving!

diy pipe shelving

Spotted on iVillage (although the how-to component seems to be gone?)

Farmhouse table with some new legs

diy harvest table wit pipe legs

Spotted on Frugal Farmhouse Design

More open concept shelving.

open concept pipe shelving

Spotted on The Brick House

I like the simplicity of this small desk and that it is tucked away against a wall (feels like something I would do).

simple pipe and wood desk

Spotted on Katherine Sharpe’s blog

That’s all for today, excuse my brevity! Still trying to find my feet after the last few weeks of manic work and social activities!

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  • Aawesome post! All your ideas / pictures are great. I love the desk!

    • Thanks Nicole! Glad you enjoyed it

  • Love the first example of the open concept industrial shelving. In fact, I might love it so much, I may have to start considering a modified version of it for my kitchen…

    Also, I want all of those colourful dishes.

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    I love the industrial look, and that desk… I’m pretty sure it should be mine!