Indian Summer

In·di·an sum·mer

  1. a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.
    • a period of happiness or success occurring late in life.

Not really sure where the term comes from (like if there is a positive/negative history behind the term) – but I love it. I love it even more because we have had such an odd ball, grey, overcast and wet summer here in Ontario. I have to believe that we are going to have a beautiful Indian summer autumn (not confusing at all). It has been warm and lovely the last few days but I feel like I just absolutely do not trust the weather right now. I (incorrectly) feel that the earth ‘owes’ Ontario an Indian summer so we don’t feel too cheated before we get pelted with another harsh winter (dreadful, people have already started talking about winter weather predictions). It’s a Canadian plight: perpetually complaining about past/present/future weather. And on that note, I am going to stop.

plants on the ground in apartmentThe print is from Raymond Biesinger Illustrations. Not sure where it will leave in the new place. Think the fiddle fig leaf needs a new pot.

I have been trying to come up with what my approach to decorating the new apartment is going to be. In my usual style, I have drifted toward lots of mid-century pieces… But I also love the fresh white crispness of the Swedish/Nordic look… And I am starting to fall for white washed rooms with dark stormy accents. All of this sounds very contradictory and we will just have to see how it works out in the end but I just had this romantic notion that my inspiration will fall into the Indian summer category. Warm tones, lots of bright sunlight (think whites), lots of wood, occasional pops of colour (dark teal, mustard and the burnt reds and browns). Fresh flowers. Candles oozing natural scents like our Tatine garden + forest candle (LOVE LOVE LOVE this candle). I just picked up some new soap and cleaning products when I was in Vermont (more about that later) from the Mrs. Meyers line. OMG they have a scent called “Sunflower” that takes me back to my young-un days of playing with scented markers (it smells just like the old lemon scent!).


Have a few new things to share.

mid century teak side tableThis awesome triangular side table is a loaner from my mom. On the condition that we take care of it.

row house nest mid century lamps

 I picked up two of these lamps last week at Good Will. A score. In perfect condition and work beautifully. Except as always, the shades are a little aged looking. I wasn’t looking for lamps (was on the hunt for a dresser) but happy when I walked away two of these babes.

pinecones in a bowl

 I love these scraps of nature. I know they come across a little “Christmasy” but whatever.

messy home after a move

 That’s real life right there. Stacks and stacks of stuff that doesn’t have a home yet.

Anyways, on to more interesting things. Over the long weekend, I was in Vermont. The Green Mountain area – close to Warren. I was super excited to head to Vermont as it seems that life has taken me through Vermont but I had never actually spent more time there so heading there for the Green Mountain Stage Race was a great opportunity to wrap vacation with cycling. We found a sweet little spot on VRBO. It was actually Nan that lead us to this particular cabin as it was dog friendly.

rented cabin in Vermont Green Mountains

 It was Perfect for a larger group of people (7 all together in the cabin) and 2 dogs. We were at the end of a dirt road and had the area to ourselves. Perfect in my eyes. I didn’t love the carpet everywhere but otherwise it was grand. BTW. For anyone interested, the owner is selling it ($289).

Green Mountain coffee

 Tourist shot.

dog friendly cabin in Green Mountain Vermont

  I didn’t get out to do any hiking which is sad but you know what, we were so busy running around, watching races and having fun I didn’t think about it much. Next time, I will plan a little better. Getting up at 6:30am to go watch a stage race is exhausting. We would usually all come back from the race full of chat, relax, eat and have a few beers.

swimming hole Green Mountain

 This was a great (and popular) swimming hole at Warren Falls. Super fun.

 eco cabin Green Mountain Vermont

 This was the place next door. LOVED it. Vermont hippies rule.


 The interior of our cabin didn’t disappoint. It was rustic but comfortable. Decorated by an artist and his family.

Nan Row House Nest

 Nan on a log. On the property (1.5 acres).

IMG_3202.JPGClassic ‘Murica shot.

So that’s that. Vermont. Apartment. I started back at work this week. It was a light week as I can’t get much done yet. The adjustment has been hard on Nan (just kidding, it is way harder for me!). Nan is happy to be back with the dog walker again. I have less time to obsess about my apartment to do list (I am officially psycho) and our weekends are stacked until October. Wow. Life!

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  • I’ve never been to Vermont and have always wanted to go. I think I’m afraid that if I go, I’ll never come back. That swimming hole looks amazing!

    That print is so cool!! My husband and I are moving soon and I can’t wait to start decorating/painting/finding furniture to fit.

    Nan is so darn cute!

  • I think you lucked out with those lamps – they’re very cool.
    Someday I’d love to go on a road trip though New England – the pictures are always so pretty