How My Irish Garden Grows

It’s the first week of June and there has been an explosion of growth in the garden – albeit a lot of green. Our neighbours garden is FULL of colour – yellows, oranges, purples – ours: a sea of different shades of green. I guess it’s my own fault though…I am a bit of a bedding flower snob. I don’t like most inexpensive bedding flowers like impatiens (busy lizzies in the UK), marigolds, alyssum, and most of all petunias. I hate petunias. Isn’t that odd? What do I like? I love snapdragons, sweetpea and lobelia. Thankfully – those are my only saving grace in this garden right now! That, and the neighbour gave me 2 clumps of some unknown flower…How My Irish Garden Grows:

From seed folks. Yeah me! All the gardeners are shaking their heads “WHY is there so much in there?” well I didn’t seriously think all of it would LIVE! But it did. And now I have cabbage, beets and I think carrots growing. In one very small fruit box.

I have no idea what these seedlings are, I know they are flowers but beyond that – its a mystery. They took weeks and weeks to get that big. I picked up the basket from a local charity shop for £1.50.

The colourful mystery flower. Any smarty pants out there know what it is?

This is a Hebe shrub/bush. I had never seen one before I moved here – they flower, how cute huh? There are MILLIONS of bumble bees buzzing around my garden because of it as well – which is pretty cool, thinking I should become a bee keeper!

Oh how I love sweetpeas! They smell SO nice. These fellows were planted in an old wine box. They are growing ferociously and have almost grown taller than the supports I gave them… Arg, it’s like having a child who grows out of their new running shoes too quickly!

The rose bush is finally about to bloom! And it also has a rouge friend in there that I just can’t bring myself to rip out. So the company stays. Can’t wait until this puppy comes to life!

The hydrangea are getting closer and closer to introducing themselves to me – there are now little buds so it shouldn’t be too long. Since we weren’t here last year I have NO idea what colour they are, how lame I am? I am excited about the colour possibilities of my hydrangea bushes!

These leeks are all packed up and ready to go out to their raised bed in the country (I feel a little like I am shipping off children to an orphanage!)

Adorable aren’t they? Making all sorts of little chick and hen babies!

This sunflower has tripled in size in the last 2 weeks. Go baby go!

Things are coming along swimmingly in the old box. Coriander is growing away finally and some more mysterious plants are growing along with it.. And of course, some more sweetpea.

A slightly beat up zucchini (or courgette for you Euros!) – got thrown off its ledge during the crazy wind storms last week. It now lives here and has since flowered! Hurry up Zukes! I want to make some bread!

Holy potato plants huh? And a ridiculous amount of onions.. A little squished in there.

Yup, I am growing baby potatoes on my kitchen window stile. Only in Ireland.

My first lobelia flower! HURRY up!

So much potential, so little use. So the story with this weird cement block of a backyard that we have… It hardly ever gets sun. Like never… I was very optimistic when we first moved in that I was going to FILL it with flowers and vegetables but as time marched on I realized it was very very unlikely that things could grow there. Isn’t it sad? Just sits there doing nothing.

  • The mystery flowers look like mimulus to me. Keep ’em damp.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Julian!!!