How I Work – A Work Space In Transition

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Buzz has started in Toronto about the Interior Design Show 2013 (IDS13) and what we will see. IDS13 has put together a cool concept exhibit and contest about how YOU (or we) work. The exhibit features 4 approaches to the modern work space. Need ideas? Check it out this week January 24th – 27th (details here).

Bloggers aren’t bound to working at a desk – we can blog from our beds, tables, in transit or from a coffee shop. Since I moved into my new studio apartment (read: petit space) in the first half of January, I have been taking my time designing my new space. So what made my must have list?

  1. Sleeping area/bed
  2. Kitchen/eating area
  3. Small office space
  4. Seating area
  5. Open concept storage

And that’s it folks. All in one small apartment. Talk about urban living. It has been stressful but a fun challenge. The reality is I work from home often enough with my day job and I blog so I need a functional work space (trumps a dining area).

How Do You Work? is an IDS13 exhibit that features four designers’ unique approaches to modern day work spaces. Today, the office can be as near as your mobile device – be it an iPad, tablet or smartphone. Where do the boundaries of work and play meet? Where is today’s work/life balance? In what type of environment are you most productive? From architects to interior designers, these are the types of questions that How Do You Work? will address.

So How Do I Work? Currently, I work from my bed or one of my Eames chairs. Or better yet, from my Iphone. I love the WordPress blog app. Here’s my work conditions:

And is the small magical area that will become my new work space.

20130122-143844.jpgI have about 45″ inches to play with width wise.




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