Homesick for Canada

I woke up today and feel crushed by homesickness. I don’t know if it was the hints of maple syrup in a meal I had out last night (blind taste testing, somehow I picked out maple syrup!), the fact that I have been gone almost a year now or the fact that Subway Sandwiches doesn’t have their signature ‘sub sauce’ here (just kidding, but that does really bother me). My other half thought it would be a good idea for me to write about something Canadian – which I mulled over the decided was either the best idea or worst idea… Great because I think it is important to highlight amazing Canadian products, things and designers, bad because well it makes me sort of sad. Let’s hope its therapeutic! Homesick for Canada.

Enough with the whining and Debbie Downer chit chat and more home talk!

How better to start then with a funky map of Canada? Spotted here. I laughed when I found this link because it reads “Englishmuffin_Canada” – don’t know why I find that so funny but I do. Oh gosh, I miss English muffins with Canadian peanut butter.

This is lovely Montreal in the winter – I lived there for 2 years… It is a truly beautiful city. Why is this picture included? Well… Um…. It’s art! Spotted here.

Vintage poster… Spotted here.

Moose bedding, obviously. Spotted here.

It wouldn’t be a post about Canada without a reference to a vintage Hudson Bay Company wool blanket. Signature really. Spotted here.

Rustic indoors. Spotted here.

I have to be honest – this is in Chicago. Not Canada. There I said it. But I reallllly liked it – so it made the cut! Spotted here.

Bookhou – beautiful designs from my old hood in Toronto, Dundas West. Amazingly talent woman here! Spotted here.

Another Bookhou design. Spotted here.

Adorable calendar by Cabin+Cub in Vancouver, spotted here.

Rustic cabin look for sure. Spotted here.

A home in Toronto somewhere that was featured on Design*sponge here.

A homey, comfy kitchen you want your family to grow up in! Spotted here.

A shop to snag all your Canadian paraphernalia! Spotted here.

A restaurant designed by Commute. Spotted here.

A clock made with maple wood. Spotted here.

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  • sandra

    Lovely Meagan!! Homesickness is horrible sweety, I ghope you cheer up for the weekend, I miss Canada too, I miss the real seasons, the sense of fun, Tim Horton’s iced caps!! The Bay and mostly all the lovely people!xxx

    • Anonymous

      Ah thanks Sandra! xo

  • Karla

    Canada misses you as well Meagan! But I have to comment that I am SHOCKED you did not include any of your home-town inspiration! What about Georgian Bay or Blue Mountain!??!?! Your small town is moving up in the world and we now have an awesome collective of home magazines in the GB area “Our Homes”, “The Escarpment” “Mountain Life” ……
    Hrmm….maybe I will have to get you a subscription….Miss you my Canadian darling. xoxox

    • Anonymous

      awwww I did think about it – actually searched a wee bit online but was a little tired so gave up easlily! Please do subscribe me to anything Georgian Bay related please 🙂 xo

  • Heya- lovely photos but the last house is in Australia- they do say that Canada and Australia have lots of similarities in parts:))

    • Anonymous

      Hi Relljj,
      I removed that photo! It was in Canadian House and Home so I figured it was Canadian but thanks for letting me know! Yes Australia and Canada have lots of in common.

  • Sandra Jonas

    I knew the first photo was Montreal instantly! My hometown, although I am ensconced in Georgia now I still miss it.