Home. Wonderful Small Home.

Working in the children’s mental health field, I feel like I am hyper aware to all the tell-tale signs of declining mental health in people and can be quick to worry about others. Loss of interest, lack of motivation, start to disengage from ‘others’, don’t see the point anymore, lack of eye contact (my blog couldn’t face the other more ‘active’ bloggers), worrying about what other’s think, can’t see the top from the bottom, feelings of over-whelmedness (my word!), poor organization… Etc. Etc. Well. I think I can officially say that my so called ‘home’ blog was depressed. She was lack lustre. Borderline boring. All over the place. Kept posting that she was gunna ‘quit’. BUT GUESS WHAT? Summer’s here and SHE’S back!

Nan on couch with plants

When I moved into my itty bity bachelor in January 2013, I was kind of embarrassed to blog about it. It’s small. Has zero storage. I can see my kitchen from my bed. I basically had to reinvent how the hell you can ‘decorate’ a super small space without it feeling crowded. And frankly, it doesn’t always photograph well. Like how can I show you the cuteness of my bed ‘corner’ without standing on top of my desk? Or how can I snap a picture of my kitchen without revealing to the world that my bed is a stone’s throw away? All impossible. So I chose to not share much.

Thankfully, I am over that. Here and there I have shared pictures of my little life here in North Parkdale/Roncesvalles. Mostly on Instagram. I thought sharing my home in a fuller manner was a nice way of celebrating my blog refresh (LIKE MY NEW LOOK?!!?!?!). That’s right! I am so bloggity blog motivated right now, I even updated my template and have been cleaning up shop. It’s painful and I feel like I am useless at the technie stuff but I am stumbling my way through it. I am going to focus my energy on sharing whatever the fuck I feel like sharing – home, decorating, NANNA OBVIOUSLY, camping, cooking, road trips. The stuff I like talking about. The stuff I talk about with my friends. So here we go. I love my small home.


Interested in my objects? Hound art is from The Union General Store, woven planter is from Ikea, feather on right is from BC, amazing feather bouquet was made by my neighbour downstairs and the weird owl art was a second  hand shop find years ago.


 Isn’t this the coolest? Steve made it for me. He is romantic and wonderful.


My mini deck is perfect for chilling. This was Nan dead to the world after a busy day. We were catching up and having a drink on the deck and she passed out at our feet. So happy to just be with us.

Row House Nest office


This Casalife desk has served me incredibly well. The sides fold down – so I fold one side down against the wall – and work at it – and eat at it – and drink coffee here. This image is from the winter time when I first moved it to this position in my apartment. Since then, the art and desk objects have evolved.

 I love my fiddle fig leaf. Yes it is from Ikea. Yes Ikea knows what bloggers love.


 My favourite sheets are from the organic line available at Target. I waited for them to go on sale. I have been waiting since that sale for them to go on sale again so I can buy more.


This is actually from last fall. Nan and I made a love nest out on the deck. The tree is wonderful and hides us from the street. We can watch them but they can’t watch us.

I don’t have any current photo’s of my kitchen. I’ll work on that. And my bathroom? Impossible to photograph. Anyways. Here it is. This is me. And Nan. And my new look.

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