Holiday Mantel inspiration

In the summer, I was invited to a holiday preview presented by Home Depot. I was off work, it was on Queen West (so close to home) and there was going to be delicious food. I don’t need much more incentive to pretend it was the holidays in July. I guess that is a thing with companies – they are always thinking ahead to the next season. Me? I was busy wearing cut-off jean shorts and lathering myself in coconut sunscreen. It was hard for me to make the leap but I did it. Home Depot did a great job of turning a restaurant into a wintery, holiday party. There loads of holiday mantels presented as inspiration for us and then we were asked to create my own holiday mantel using pieces from Home Depot.

Aaron preview home depot

Aaron Jarosz and Jeanette Ewen were there to give us bloggers some tips on decorating.

Home Depot Holiday 2014 preview

It’s always an odd experience for me listening to and seeing what is the next ‘big thing’ for decorating. I truly don’t feel that I fall into just one of the target customers box. I always like a little something from here, a little something from there. But never straight shoebox style. Wasn’t quite modern, wasn’t quite rustic, wasn’t quite Canadiana. So what was I? Well there was a holiday mantel decorating contest… And guess what? I WON! Jeanette Ewen picked my mantel. I was shocked and secretly jumping up and down when I found out I won because the little contest included a 200$ Home Depot gift certificate! What perfect timing. We had just moved into our new apartment and had a million things to buy. I have spread that gift card all over the place.

 I really liked the faux birch wood candles – either Aaron or Jeanette were saying that you could put these in a fake fire place and they would look really great (while not being a safety hazard obvi). 
Home Depot Holiday 2014

So what about my winning mantel? Here was my secret. I asked the Home Depot crew if was okay if I took different decorations from different ‘sections’ – they said sure. So I cherry picked my favourite pieces from each collection and created this mantel. One that was truly me and not just ‘put on’. I really loved how it came together. Birch candles, a vintage trophy (I actually have one just like it!), owls, pinecones and some simple ribbon. I tried not to go nutty and focused on creating a focal point.

Home Depot Holiday Mantel 2014 via Row House Nest

Now that I have put out the last bag of leaves, I am thinking about the holidays. I wish I had a mantel to do up like the above,  but alas, I do not. I will be using a real tree and our large window as the main decorating areas. Will be sharing that once it is up and photog ready!

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  • I love those faux birch candles. I wonder if they have them at my Home Depot …

    • They totally should! They had them at the two I have been there. If anything, you guys get more stuff at your stores than we do!