Don’t Mind If I Do: Herman Miller Office Chairs Designed By Eames

This story involves a ‘holy shit’ moment. You all know that feeling when you – not a friend of a friend – but you – find something so amazing second-hand that you feel like falling over? I didn’t believe myself (“No…It can’t be”) – Google search said item quickly to make sure I’m not crazy. Pay for said vintage items as quickly as possible and bolt out of the place before you get robbed by other patrons for items.

This is what I found.

Two Ray and Charles Eames designed Herman Miller office chairs. Scoop. Fiberglass. Covered in a sweet wool-ish type material. From a hospital. Sticker says they were made in 1971. Both are in good condition – great condition. With the exception of chair #2, the fabric has a small dark stain on the front. Boo. But I love them.

Fits in perfectly with my bedroom colour scheme right now.

I love the colour.

Now – I want to brag about how much I paid for them. But I am not going to. But there were an amazing deal. Probably one of the best deals I have ever gotten. SERIOUSLY.

Sheamie approves.

Everyone needs to check out the new chairs.

Impossible to take a picture that she hasn’t sneakily put herself into unless I just put her in another room.

Like this one.

But not these ones

Ha ha ha.

This sort of inspiring, awesome-day-making-find reminds me of how I need to not give up and something super sweet can show up at any time. I was feeling a little bit of thrift fatigue lately – searching and searching for good finds and not finding much. Yard sales this spring have been dismal, my local thrift stores have been looted heavily and nothing exciting has come my way in ages. Until now.

The fucking jackpot of vintage. For my home.

YES! (Sorry. I am bragging now.)

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  • Lisaroyblog

    Yup, I’d be bragging too – what a score!

  • The Vintage Cabin

    WHAAAAATTT!?!? You lucky bitch! Man, I sure know that feeling. I bet you were all panic attack-y trying to get those chairs the hell OUTTA THERE! I would be afraid that someone would walk up while I was paying and offer them more for them or something, you know? What an amazing find. Wow. Jealous but so happy they have such a great home. They even match Sheamie in a weird way!

  • Goodwill! I have got to start hunting! So jealous!

  • Those are AMAZING! Awesome find!

  • Jelly x 1,000,000! I’m glad you didn’t tell us what you got them for–I have a sneaking suspicion this is a once in a lifetime deal! Congrats!

  • Laurameucci

    I can’t believe you found these chairs, if I didn’t like you so much I would probably be thinking of a way to steal them 😉 great find!!!!!

  • Rachelle Falcon

    I am sick with jealousy over here!!!

  • Shannon8foot6

    ooooh spicy!

  • Freakin amazing!! SO cruel you won’t share what you paid, but I totally understand. Love, love, love these chairs and a fabulous find like this couldn’t have happened to a sweeter thrifter! Good luck with future treasure hunting!!

  • April @ Money Pit Love

    Um, dude? IMPOSSIBLY amazing! Congrats on such a find, and for getting it for such a steal! (whatever that steal might be, but it sounds good. Like really good. If it’s less than a limb or your first-born, it’s all good.) FAB FIND!

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