The Challenge: Eating Healthy While On The Road/Camping

I just discovered a weird internet deficiency (I didn’t even think these existed anymore). My usual sources of information/ideas revealed generic, boring, not appropriate for me blog posts, articles and images (think of an image of some old nuts in a bag). There is a real lack of recipes and/or ideas for cooking creative, healthy fresh food while on the road. Like real food. Searches revealed a lack luster group of suggestions. Over processed cheese sticks, salted nuts and apples. It’s 2014. I know there are tons of people out there living on the road as a lifestyle or for extended periods of time and I know for a fact they aren’t all eating McDee’s and Subway daily. So how come no one has written about this? There are tons of generic, redundant articles published by big companies/websites that talk about eating nuts and fresh fruit when road tripping but what about dinners? Lunches? What lasts? How do you travel without bringing a fridge with you? Here is my delve into a food related blog post: Eating Healthy While On The Road/Camping.

On my road trips (more my westward trip than my eastward trip), I had tricks. I made a kitchen kit filled with dry goods, spices and almond milk (that did not have to be refrigerated until opened). I bought fruit and veg from farmers on the road. But still. It could have been better. I don’t think we need to compromise taste or nutrition when camping. My kit was great for breakfast and helped with dinner but still required me at times to buy expensive goods from rural stores.

House on Fogo Island

So noting this massive deficit, I have decided to do some research, plan and attempt to document how to eat healthily, mostly fresh and on a budget for a 4 day road trip/camping excursion to rural Quebec this week! Boo-ya! To boot? I am feeding an athlete who needs to be in top form and needs his nutrients while we are away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Bras D'Or, Cape Breton

So the rules/guidelines: meat/protein daily, fruit and vegetables daily, complex grains (think quinoa, large flake oats, rice, cous cous), dairy when possible, organic when possible and on a budget of $100 Canadian for the 4 days. I am bringing two coolers – both will be cooled old school – with ice.

This is going to be fun.


*all images are my own.

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  • Lindsey

    This is an impressive challenge, cannot wait to hear how it goes. My parents drive to Toronto from New Brunswick to visit me twice a year and they always bring a cooler of veggies and fruit, fresh cheese, and mixed nuts. It’s only a 14 hour drive, not 4 whole days, but they do manage to eat pretty well and save money not buying crap along the way. Good Luck!

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    • Thanks Lindsey!

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