Happiness Highlights

This is a small break from the usual designy/diy/interiors blogging you see here. But I promise it is still good for you *with some pretty pictures* – maybe you’ll do the same! 

Time to think about:

Or in this case, ME. Spotted here.

The other day on Twitter I saw this tweet:

Who is this magic Britt on Twitter? Well she’s a cool lady who is travelling across the US with her family in an RV!  Britt’s tweet stuck with me.

So I decided to go for it myself {how could I re-tweet it and not do it?}. As a sappy/fartoomuchinformation side note, I am trying my very darnedest to make some positive changes in my life right now and I like to think that it is not a coincidence that I spotted this tweet. Work, life, friends, random moments are making me realize I am an incredibly lucky person who has SO much to be happy for, SOOOOO this is my 1st happiness highlights post…

First off, I am thankful for today. Truly. So this image was perfect.

Spotted here.

Second. I am healthy. Able bodied. Like to laugh and am generally a pretty happy person.

I have the absolute privilege of working very closely with children with a variety of special needs, including extreme physical needs. Most people take for granted that they can walk, hold a pencil, use the washroom unassisted and live independent lives in general. The kids are incredibly happy, hilarious, jovial and all around resilient great kids. I am happy for who I am but also want to highlight how lucky I am to work with individuals like them.

Third. I am embracing change and the past. Everything was beautiful and is beautiful.

{ps love this print}

Spotted here.

Fourth. I am a free bird. And live in a country where I can be a free bird. Definitely related to happiness!

Spotted here.

Closing little blurb related to happiness…

Spotted here.

Happiness Highlights. A great idea…. You doing it?

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  • Amanda

    I write a post every Friday about what made me happy that week. I think it is so important to highlight what is happy in your life. I think it makes yourself happier and others, too!

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Wow, this is awesome, Meagan! I’m going to share it with my daughter. In our family we’re all working on the grateful piece – it’s so easy to let the moments slip away…
    Thank you for sharing!
    xo Sheila

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