Gray Grey Interiors

Some people spell it grey. Some spell it gray. Personally I prefer gREY but spellcheck always wants to correct me, gRAY. Ray or Rey? Whatever, tomato, to-ma-to…Gray Grey Interiors.

Apparently common connotations with the colour grey/gray are depression, boredom, neutrality, undefinedness, old age, contentment and speed. That all sounds very sad doesn’t it? Grey does not make me feel old or sad. Content? Yes, maybe. It makes me feel comfortable and generally tends to surprise me. Surprise me about how great it looks that is!

Love this spectrum of different greys along with black and white. Spotted here.

Beautiful dark charcoal grey. Moody! Spotted here.

Grey chairs… Industrial grey I would call that colour. Spotted here.

Lovely shade of grey with white counter tops in this kitchen. Perfecto. Spotted here.

Although it does shout “converted loft” this dining area still possesses a sense of comfort and homeyness. Spotted here.

Greys and whitewashed wood. Lived in loveliness. Spotted here.

Soft shades of grey are alive and well is attic style bedroom. Spotted here.

Grey features in a spartan kitchen (or at least it is compared to mine!). Spotted here.

I think this image is absolutely show stopping stunning. Like WOW. I love the roughness of the art. Spotted here.

And lastly, I saved the best for last. It made me laugh. It sums up this post. To a tea… tee. Tea? Tee! It’s tee!

The Ikea blog coming up with their own goodness, again! Fan favourites by now. Spotted here.